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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 30, 2001

  • LinuxDevices.com: Honey, I shrunk the Linux system! (in-depth with the CerfCube) (2001-06-30 23:00:18)
    The CerfCube is a small (3 inches on each side) cube that holds a StrongARM-based single-board computer running Linux. It's built as a blank slate for OEM's. This article offers some in-depth info on the device.

  • Linux Gazette: Making an X Terminal from a PC (2001-06-30 22:00:09)
    Here's a guide to creating an inexpensive X terminal from old PC hardware.

  • LinuxPR: Unified Consulting extends Phorum with SOAP capabilities (2001-06-30 19:30:35)
    "Unified Consulting, Inc., a leader in web technology consulting, has released the first drop-in web messageboard based on the Simple Object Access Protocol for business use. The message board system, called SolidForum, was developed as part of Unified's SolidArity suite of drop-in web components, which will allow users to easily integrate features such as message boards, surveys, and news articles into new or existing web sites."

  • FreeOS: Freedom vs. Freedom (2001-06-30 19:00:04)
    It's all good when it comes to licenses, says Mayank Sarup, as he reviews some of the issues surrounding various Open Source/Free Software licenses as of late.

  • Community: It's Debian Expo and Conference Week! (2001-06-30 17:30:15)
    Want to meet with members of the Debian Project? Here's your chance as the Debian Project exhibits at trade shows and conferences in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico.

  • Akamba releases Web server on a card (2001-06-30 16:00:46)
    Akamba Corporation today announced shipments of its Velobahn card appliance. Velobahn expands Web server capacity by taking over the HTTP transaction processing function -- and is the only solution available to do so within the server. The Akamba solution supports popular OS platforms including Linux.

  • Globe and Mail: Look beyond your own battlefield (2001-06-30 15:00:37)
    Business consultant Bolko von Oetinger, a student of military and business strategy, says that business can learn a few lessons from the principles of warfare -- most notably in the idea that managers must be able to improvise in the face of changing circumstances. He suggests that Linux is a prime model for how business must reevaluate old practices.

  • DebianPlanet: HOWTO get your G400/450 singing and dancing (2001-06-30 14:00:17)
    As the title promises, the article covers configuration of Matrox G400/450 video cards, including X configuration, DRI acceleration, dual-head support, anti-aliasing, and DVD playback. There are some gory details to be found in this piece including a visit to the kernel .config file to set an option you won't find in the normal configuration tools.

  • FreeOS.com: Abracadabra! The magic of Mandrake 8.0 (2001-06-30 12:00:19)
    Kudos for Mandrake 8.0 in this brief piece from FreeOS.com, which says the worst problems of the 7.2 release, a buggy and inconsistent installation, have been largely overcome.