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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 17, 2001

  • CNN: Security expert: Tighter measures needed [Bruce Schneier plugs Linux to Senate] (Jul 17, 2001, 21:49)
    Bruce Schneier appeared before a Senate subcommittee yesterday to tell its members security insurance is looming as a necessity, and stopped to plug Linux along the way: "What will happen when the CFO looks at his premium and realizes that it will go down 50 percent if he gets rid of all his insecure Windows operating systems and replaces them with a secure version of Linux?", he asks.

  • Review: NetMAX FireWall ProSuite (Jul 17, 2001, 19:13)
    NetMAX's FireWall ProSuite is Linux-based server software that manages routing, firewall, Internet connection sharing, users, machines, DHCP, DNS, and APC power management. This review is fairly positive (noting some inexplicable installation problems) and indicates that the product does a good job of turning a headless PC into a decent server appliance. The installation issue, by the way, is something mentioned in previous reviews we've linked to on this product.

  • Tonight Live: Larry Augustin (CEO) on the future of VA Linux, plus More Microsoft (Jul 17, 2001, 17:33)
    Tonight: Larry Augustin on the future of VA Linux, "Microsoft, Linux and the Fat Lady PART TWO".

  • Slackware Linux Release 8.0 Review (Jul 17, 2001, 15:31)
    A friendly (but brief) look at Slackware 8 says it may not install pretty, but the few rough edges do nothing to stand in the way of the distribution's emphasis on stability and security.