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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 26, 2001

  • The Not-so-Great Debate over Open Source (Jul 26, 2001, 23:27)
    According to Dan Gillmor, the "brawl to settle it all" with Craig Mundie at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention may not have settled much, and may have made him look more reasonable. Doc Searls also followed along, preferring to transcribe as events unfolded, and provides a more spotty but detailed account, expressing a little surprise that the awaited GPL hatchet job never seemed to materialize.

  • Business Week: Yankee, We Want You. Yankee, Go Home (Jul 26, 2001, 20:40)
    Business Week dissects some of the problems at MandrakeSoft from an Linux outsider's perspective, and providing Henri Poole's side of his recent break from the company.

  • PCWorld: Russian Programmer Remains Behind Bars (Jul 26, 2001, 17:50)
    By way of followup, here's an article explaining in some detail the outstanding issues in Dmitriy Sklyarov's case and why there may be politics at work with regard to how the US Attorney is choosing to handle the case.

  • WIRED: Open Sourcers Shy From Criticism (Jul 26, 2001, 15:21)
    A WIRED reporter says open source advocates don't like to hear people who disagree with them, and uses an example from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention to make his point. Regular reader Anthony Awtrey provided us with the link and a brief response.

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: elm (Jul 26, 2001, 08:51)
    "A buffer overflow exists in the elm email client when handling very long message-ids. This would overwrite other header fields and could potentially cause further damage."

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: squid update (Jul 26, 2001, 08:48)
    "The Squid proxy server has a serious security flaw in versions 2.3.STABLE2 through 2.3.STABLE4. This problem surfaces when Squid is used in httpd_accel mode. If you configure httpaccelwith_proxy off then any request to Squid is allowed. Malicious users may use your proxy to portscan remote systems, forge email, and other activities."