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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 18, 2001

  • LinuxHardware.org: DDR Athlon Motherboard Rumble (2001-08-18 23:30:03)
    "We will now take you to the next level in Athlon computing and examine the Athlon processor coupled with DDR SDRAM. Prepare yourselves as we not only look at DDR on one chipset but examine all three of the choices for single processor DDR goodness. In this review we will cover the original AMD 760 chipset showcased on the MSI K7 Master-S, the ALI MAGiK1 on the SOYO SY-K7ADA, and the new VIA KT266 on the SOYO SY-K7V DRAGON."

  • Linuxlookup.com Tip Of The Week: bash Redirection (2001-08-18 20:35:33)
    "Shell redirection - sending the output of a command to a file or reading the input from a file - is commonly used and supported by any shell you might use. But bash offers some redirection tricks above and beyond what you might seen in the C shell."

  • SysAdmin Mag: Checking Your System Logs with awk (2001-08-18 19:00:00)
    "While most administrators are familiar with grep, most have not become so familiar with awk, instead favoring Perl. awk has a number of advantages over grep, and even a few over Perl."

  • UnixReview.com: OpenUNIX 8 - Linux Without the Linux Kernel (2001-08-18 16:00:42)
    "OpenUNIX 8 introduces a new subsystem, the Linux Kernel Personality, or LKP, which attempts to reproduce a fully-compatible Linux distribution, including a development environment with all the relevant libraries and Linux system calls hosted within native Unix, but without a Linux kernel. As it has been stated elsewhere in the trade press, Caldera's business objective with LKP is to supply a single development target (the Linux application binary interface) while providing Linux applications with the highly scalable and stable nature of the SVR5 kernel. Did they manage to pull it off? Read on."

  • NewsForge: Review: Soyo K7VDRAGON motherboard (2001-08-18 13:01:50)
    This review has good things to say about the Soyo K7VDRAGON, and analyzes its performance under Linux: "The Soyo K7VDRAGON has hit the integration sweet spot. The board features integrated digital audio, IDE-RAID, networking, and overclocking, not to mention a non-essential but stylish design with plenty of visual appeal."

  • Linux Journal: Final days for Linux Journal's Readers' Choice voting. (2001-08-18 01:03:51)
    "Time is almost up...voting in Linux Journal's 2001 Readers' Choice Awards will come to a close on Monday, August 20."