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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 24, 2001

  • BBC News: Happy birthday Linux (2001-08-24 18:59:48)
    "By the time you were 10 what had you accomplished?"

  • LinuxHardware.org: AGP Kernel Patches (2001-08-24 18:17:28)
    "These patches fix the unknown AGP error on some AMD 761 boards (the K7 Master-S for example) and VIA KT266 boards (the SOYO DRAGON)."

  • CNET: The Time of the penguin (2001-08-24 16:19:13)
    CNET has a three-part 10th Anniversary Linux report: "Why Linux caught on where others failed," "Stocks burn out, companies fade away," and "Readers' turn: Is Linux a threat to Microsoft?"

  • Wired: Ale, Ale, the Linux Gang's Here (2001-08-24 15:41:55)
    "No word yet on whether they'll be wearing shiny little "Happy Birthday" hats with penguins on them or drinking some special Linux brew cooked up by the local monks, but the night sure won't be dull. The first day of the third annual Linux Beer Hike -- a weeklong event starting Aug. 25 -- will coincide with the 10th birthday of Linus Torvalds' operating system."

  • BULMA: Why must we adopt the GPL license? (2001-08-24 14:00:47)
    "A few days ago somebody asks how to protect us from people who don't respect the GPL license. The answer is easy, we don't have to protect us because these people are the victims."
    [ Available in English, Spanish, and French -ed. ]

  • LinuxPlanet: ext3 or ReiserFS? Hans Reiser Says Red Hat's Move Is Understandable (2001-08-24 13:01:59)
    Interest in journaling file systems is high right now: Linux enjoys a sudden embarrassment of riches in this area, and Red Hat -- which abstained from the rush to ReiserFS in which several other distros indulged-- has finally committed to ext3. Dennis Powell offers a quick guide to what's so important about journaling filesystems anyhow, and a brief chat with Hans Reiser... who says Red Hat's choice of ext3 was perfectly understandable.

  • osOpinion: Free Software Movement Gets Down to Business (2001-08-24 12:01:48)
    "The natural way to proceed, then, is to begin engineering the bulk of our proprietary systems into legacy status and therefore cooperate across company boundaries to build novel and superior replacements, distributing those replacements as GPL'd free software. In other words, let's rebuild our software infrastructure from scratch, this time under the GPL."

  • CNET/Yahoo!/SourceForge: VA Linux to sell proprietary software (2001-08-24 01:49:45)
    In the face of losses in excess of $200 million this quarter, VA Linux is changing the way it approaches its core software product, SourceForge, by introducing "closed-source enhancements" as part of a product it's calling "SourceForge Enterprise Edition." CNET's writeup plus a link to a letter from VA Linux CEO Larry Augustin explaining the shift in strategy within.