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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 25, 2001

  • Eric S. Raymond: VA going proprietary? Naahhh... (2001-08-25 22:10:45)
    "VA's announcement that it would be selling proprietary add-ons to SourceForge has gotten big coverage [1], but there is less there than meets the eye. This is a change in tactics, not strategy."

  • LinuxPR: Tulsa Linux Users Group Offers Free Introductory Linux Classes (2001-08-25 22:01:05)
    "The Tulsa Linux Users Group is excited to announce a series of classes introducing the Linux operating system to the novice user. The Tulsa LUG is providing these classes as a public service to promote the use of Linux in government, education and business."

  • CertCities.com: LPI 101: Proving Your Linux Competency (2001-08-25 20:00:01)
    "I elected to take this certification now because it's available and because it's non-vendor-specific. In addition, I made the assessment that the RHCE was probably a more advanced level of certification, which I'm probably not ready for right now. My goal was to strengthen my Linux skills; taking the LPI program was a structured path to that end."

  • NewsForge: Review: AMD Duron 'Morgan' 1GHz CPU (2001-08-25 18:00:32)
    "The differences between the Morgan and the Spitfire core Durons are as important as the changes between the Thunderbird and the Palomino. First, the Morgan core supports new processor technologies, such as SSE (which AMD calls 3DNow! Professional), which is Intel's on-chip solution targeted at increasing 3D/floating point performance. This means that all software looking for SSE instructions that an Intel chip has will also find them and use them on the Morgan core Durons and Palomino core Athlons."

  • IBM developerWorks: Linux glossary for Windows users (PDF) (2001-08-25 16:00:10)
    "This glossary explains briefly the meaning and significance of many of the terms, acronyms, and abbreviations common to Linux products. (Some of these terms are not specific to Linux, but still may be new to many Windows users.) This document should help lessen some of the confusion surrounding Linux; however, most common hardware, software, and communications terms are not included here, because they are easily found elsewhere."

  • MachineOfTheMonth: Migrating to ReiserFS from ext2 (2001-08-25 12:01:21)
    "The partitioning strategy that I chose came about because I wanted to keep at least one ext2 formatted partition around just in case I ran into problems booting from a ReiserFS partition. As it turns out, I didn't have any problems yet doing that so the ext2 partition may not be necessary in the future. In fact, right now, it is empty. I don't have anything sitting on it."

  • Canada Computes: Mandrake Linux - Powerpack Edition 8.0 (2001-08-25 10:14:09)
    "Mandrake 8.0 is as close to a flawless Linux distribution as you can get, and I would highly recommend to anyone. Mandrake 8.0, as far as I'm concerned, is now the benchmark against which other distributions will be measured."