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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 28, 2001

  • ZDNet: Microsoft patents a threat to open source (2001-08-28 22:16:39)
    Debate continues over the Mono project and whether it's appropriate for open source developers to play ball with Microsoft over .NET: "Samba's [Jeremy] Allison said the Mono Project is "a very bad idea -- in fact, it's a terrible idea. By doing this they are helping .Net become a standard. ".Net will become important if a majority of the clients use it, but it will not be mandatory if only, say, 50 percent use it..." Bruce Perens has also weighed in.

  • SuSE CTO and President Says Good-Bye (2001-08-28 16:43:19)
    "After three years in the management team of SuSE Linux, Dirk Hohndel announced his decision to leave the company."

  • MIT Sloan Management Review: Innovation by User Communities: Learning From Open Source (2001-08-28 08:45:15)
    "If the open-source software movement is any harbinger of future trends, manufacturing companies need to be concerned not only about what they produce, but also about what their customers might produce without them."
    [ This is a for-pay article we linked because it seems like it may be of general interest to our readers. -ed. ]