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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 29, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: SuSE Linux Presents Enhanced DB Solutuion for Enterprise Applications (2001-08-29 23:30:01)
    "Apart from SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, the "Workgroup Edition" of SuSE Linux Database Server comes with a multiple-workstation version of the DB2 database for applications and data that are jointly used by a workgroup or department over a PC-based LAN. The "Internet Edition" delivers stored information available to an unlimited number of users over the Internet. The respective Open Source and Linux program packages were specifically adapted and optimized for operation with IBM's DB2."

  • TechTarget.com: Managing the Windows-Linux enterprise (2001-08-29 22:03:33)
    "As IT budgets contract, many Windows administrators are being asked to manage mixed-mode environments. Often, they have to make antagonistic operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, play well together. In search of tips that would help administrators avoid common heterogeneous infrastructure and standards administration blunders, searchWindowsManageability recently interviewed Mike Wilkinson, director of product management for Orem, UT-based Caldera's Volution management software suite."

  • eWeek: Banking on Linux: Financial services companies slowly opening their doors to open source (2001-08-29 19:13:46)
    "The decision certainly has paid off in nitty-gritty cost savings: Prast said that using the existing equipment and Linux software, RoTech has cut the cost of running its network down to one-third of what it would have been using new hardware and a typical commercial operating system."

  • Mandrake 8.1 Beta 2 Released (2001-08-29 18:02:26)
    "DiskDrake reworked, new Mandrake Wizards, Prelude 0.4.2... There are a lot of new features and bug fixes to test in Mandrake 8.1 Beta 2." Package highlights and download links within.

  • Xandros Announces Strategic Licensing Agreement with Corel Corporation (2001-08-29 15:06:46)
    "Xandros Corporation today announced that it has signed a strategic licensing agreement with Corel Corporation, giving it access to Corel's Linux desktop OS and related technologies. The newly formed company will focus on developing the desktop and server markets with assistance from its founding parent, Linux Global Partners." The distribution Xandros releases will be based on Corel Linux 3, and will continue to be Debian-based, according to the company.

  • Cryptome: Press Release: Department of Justice on Sklyarov/Elcom Indictment (2001-08-29 09:35:39)
    "This is the first indictment under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), enacted by Congress in 1998. The DMCA requires that the government prove a defendant offered to the public, provided, or trafficked in technology that was primarily designed to circumvent copyright protections, or was marketed for use in circumventing copyright protections. The statute provides criminal penalties where the copyright violations are perpetrated for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain. The DMCA also contains certain exemptions for nonprofit libraries, archives, and educational institutions, as well as for reverse engineering and encryption research."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Century Software Delivers Fully Integrated PDA Solution (2001-08-29 07:50:21)
    "PIXIL provides a complete suite of embedded software for advanced Internet appliances that are proven across multiple form factors and includes full support for wireless communications, networking, web browsing, power management and GUIs. PIXIL's modular framework offers fully optimized, pre-defined components for ready-to-use and easily customized applications, while eliminating the costly and time-consuming need to combine individual components into one integrated solution."

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: kernel 2.4 update (2001-08-29 07:20:20)
    "A security hole was found in the earlier Linux 2.4 kernels dealing with iptables RELATED connection tracking. The iptables ip_conntrack_ftp module, which is used for stateful inspection of FTP traffic, does not validate parameters passed to it in an FTP PORT command. Due to this flaw, carefully constructed PORT commands could open arbitrary holes in the firewall. This hole has been fixed, as well as a number of other bugs for the 2.4 kernel shipped with Mandrake Linux 8.0"