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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 31, 2001

  • LinuxWorld Expo: Some Links to Roundups and Video Clips (2001-08-31 23:21:14)
    Here's a collection of links, roundups, and video clips from LinuxWorld Expo, including video of Linus Torvalds discussing the future of the GPL and MP3's/Real streams of Lawrence Lessig's interesting hour-long talk on the importance of political activism on the part of open source developers.

  • AnandTech: The State of Corporate IT: A case for Linux (2001-08-31 18:09:35)
    From a case study involving a Washington NT shop of 7,000 employees at its primary site that decided to make the transition to Linux: "...Red Hat had proven to be a helpful ally. Instead of trying to push a whole-scale replacement of the infrastructure, they had worked to supplement it. Over time Linux brought more security, improved load balancing and an overall reduction in the growth rate of IT spending. Point of sale terminals were reliable, easy to manage and did not incur additional transaction costs. Their remote access and VPN configurations handled an ever increasing load with a higher degree of reliability and a lower cost. Their intranet had been transitioned over to Linux, and as a result cost less to maintain. It also eliminated interference with IIS based consumer and vendor systems accessed from outside of the company."

  • Salon.com: The Worst Law Ever? (Two on the DMCA) (2001-08-31 17:31:11)
    "...the 3-year-old law passed a major test on Wednesday: To the dismay of critics, the U.S. Copyright Office evaluated the effects of the DMCA without calling for a complete revision."

    "EnviroLink Network , a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit Internet service provider, took offline two Web sites belonging to the animal-rights activist group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty... Although no charges have yet been filed, under the terms of the DMCA, Envirolink was forced to remove the sites to avoid potential legal liability."

  • XFree Developer Clarifies Trident Issues (2001-08-31 15:00:42)
    Egbert Eich has written a mail explaining his perspective on the situation regarding Trident's policies on the documentation of its chipsets: "Trident appearantly didn't accept a 'source code exception clause'. We therefore assumed that Trident Microsystems has modified its policy of providing technical documentation. This assumption may have been incorrect."

  • ConsultingTimes.com: A Distribution is (Re)born (Xandros Outlines Plans for Corel Distro) (2001-08-31 11:30:49)
    "...we are really focusing on the desktop market and the different verticals within the desktop. So we're not trying to be something to the server community as well. We have learned a lot from the strategic partnership with Corel. The people that we picked up from there know what users need on their desktops, what they don't need, and how to put a solution together that will make people very happy. Corel Linux went through two releases and won the PC World award for the best new technology for the year 2000 off their 2.0 version. We're basing our distribution on version 3.0, so we're excited about that."

  • InfoWorld: Is open source closing doors? (2001-08-31 08:08:59)
    "From the machine room all the way up to the boardroom, the term open source will always spark debate. Making source code available for free has never sat well with corporate America; for many executives, protecting trade secrets is as automatic as breathing. But the use of open-source software, such as Linux, is on the rise, bringing enterprises up against the GNU GPL (General Public License), the basis for Linux's licensing."

  • LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Announces Awards (2001-08-31 05:15:59)
    "IDG World Expo has announced the winners of awards recognizing achievements by the open source community at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, held this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The awards included the $25,000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award, the Open Source Product Excellence Awards, and the OSDL Enterprise Achievement Award."

  • CNET: Red Hat CEO pushes Linux in schools (2001-08-31 00:15:46)
    "'What's really happening is money is taking over how our children are being educated,' he said. 'The industry that has contributed so much to the GDP of this country is all of a sudden finding itself looking at education as a market opportunity and not as a fundamental responsibility.'"