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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 15, 2001

  • LinuxHardware.org: Seagate Cheetah X15 36LP Review (2001-09-15 16:02:50)
    "It's time for users to realize that the speed of the hard drive is as important, if not more important in certain situations, than the processor or the amount of memory that you have. In the spirit of the hard drive being a crucial part of the systems overall speed, our first look at a hard drive focuses on what is touted as the fastest hard drive on the market: the Seagate Cheetah X15 36LP."

  • GNU-Darwin authentication and encryption position paper (2001-09-15 12:02:38)
    "Strong encryption can present certain problems for law enforcement and national security agents, but good citizens will immediately turn their encryption keys over to government agents in order to aid investigation in the event that foul play is suspected. If they do not divulge their keys, then the government may pursue a warrant and demand that the keys be made available. It may be necessary to give such warrants additional legal force, by adding penalties for those who do not comply with them."

  • AllLinuxDevices: FSF: Violation of The GNU General Public License (GPL) by RTLinux (2001-09-15 08:03:58)
    "The Free Software Foundation today issued an official statement on violations of the GNU General Public License (GPL) by RTLinux. Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMLabs (who distribute RTLinux), has used a patent license to impose restricted terms on distribution of a GPL-covered program. The FSF opposes software patents, and in addition believes that Yodaiken's patent license violates the GPL of the kernel named Linux."