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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 17, 2001

  • LinuxDevices.com: Free Software Foundation & FSMLabs resolve GPL dispute (2001-09-17 22:21:04)
    "According to Eben Moglen, general counsel of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), "the FSF and FSMLabs have reached an agreement in principal on a fully GPL compatible license for RTLinux." The revised license is expected to be published by FSMLabs within the next one to two days."

  • Debian Weekly News - September 17th, 2001 (2001-09-17 20:08:09)
    This week: Debian S390? Alternatives in Build-Dependencies, Personal Package Builder, Overclocking Tips, Yum, new boot-floppies!

  • NewsForge: RTLinux leader: GPL violation may be a mix-up (2001-09-17 19:04:12)
    "FSM Labs and the Free Software Foundation lawyer are scheduled to meet later today to discuss the latest language of the license, which Yodaiken says has 'minor problems, which we'd be happy to change.'"

  • Richard Stallman: Thousands dead, millions deprived of civil liberties? (2001-09-17 16:46:52)
    "If we are not careful, the deadly attacks on New York and Washington will lead to far worse secondary damage, if the U.S. Congress adopts "preventive measures" that take away the freedom that America stands for."

  • IBM developerWorks: The developerWorks KDE theme contest winning themes (2001-09-17 14:05:58)
    "Thanks to everyone who participated in developerWorks' KDE theme contest, which ran April 10 through May 31, 2001. Three winning themes have been selected -- take a look and download your favorite! The winners are now choosing a non-profit, open source organization to which developerWorks will make a donation on their behalf."

  • LWN: Linux Beer Hike 2001 Bouillon - Belgium (2001-09-17 13:02:51)
    "Coupled with six days of sun and only two days of rain it made this years event one of the best so far. A large crowd of people assembled over at the Archeoscope at Bouillon. Much beer was consumed and most were doing their level best to keep up with everyone else. The tenth anniversary of Linux was celebrated in some style. If only Linus Torvalds could have been there with us."

  • "Please make stable NON-US homes for strong crypto projects" (2001-09-17 11:59:24)
    "I haven't kept close track of which packages are in danger. I suggest that people nominate packages on this mailing list, and that others immediately grab mirror copies of them as they are nominated. And that some of those who mirror them keep quiet, in case hysterical governments make a concerted effort to stamp out all copies and/or all major distribution sites."