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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 18, 2001

  • Tonight Live: Lessons learned and the road ahead >> on The Linux Show (2001-09-18 20:03:43)
    "We will be discussing the events of the past week, and take them in the perspective of the Linux/Open Source community and the wider community at large. It is of utmost importance that we recognise the changes to our world perspective, and yet be cautious on the road ahead."

  • MozillaZine: Mitchell Staying with mozilla.org (2001-09-18 18:08:23)
    Mitchell Baker, formerly 'Chief Lizard Wrangler' with the Mozilla Project was recently laid off by Netscape. She's announced she'll be staying with the project: "I expect to devote more of my time to other activities that are critically important to the Mozilla project. These include working with companies seeking to use Mozilla, serving as spokesperson for mozilla.org, making our project more transparent and accessible to newcomers, driving consensus as to how mozilla.org ought to operate, and pursuing various projects for which I have some particular expertise."

  • The FSF USA and the GNU project need webmaster help (2001-09-18 15:53:06)
    "The FSF USA and the GNU project need webmaster help... Volunteers must be able to use CVS to update files. They should also be very familiar with the GNU webmastering standards."

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- #14 (2001-09-18 15:11:50)
    This week: Hewlett Packard offering PCs preloaded with Mandrake; Special Offer on ProSuite Edition at MandrakeStore.com; New Product -- Mandrake Linux Update CDs; New Mandrake T-shirts; Cooker Weekly News Summary; Business Case of the Week; This Week's Online Poll; Security-related software updates; Headlines from MandrakeForum; What's New at MandrakeUser.org?

  • ZDNet: Fujitsu opens up Linux-based humanoid robot (2001-09-18 14:11:15)
    "Engineers from Fujitsu Laboratories will disclose the internal architecture of Hoap-1 at a meeting of the Robotics Society of Japan, which will be held at Tokyo University. By revealing some of the secrets of the robot, the scientists hope to encourage users to write original programs for it."

  • osOpinion: Security Rules - the SSSCA's Potential Harm to the Digital Lifestyle (2001-09-18 13:04:58)
    "The SSSCA, if enacted, will have serious negative affects on free software, most specifically to open-source operating systems such as Linux. This is because a DRM (digital rights management) scheme as proposed within the SSSCA requires operating system-level support."

  • SEUL.org: Linux in education report #53 for September 17 (2001-09-18 04:00:20)
    "A year ago, Greek goverment decided that all public schools of Greece should be equiped with a 12 clients - 1 server lab at least, with all the machines being dual boot (Linux + win2000). Also the school books of the public technical schools have been rewritten. Now 15 year old kids learn about who, rm, cp, tar, telnet etc, and 16 year old kids learn about /dev/..., | , gnome, kde, adduser, lpr as a part of their normal everyday school lab activities."