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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 21, 2001

  • LinuxJournal: Nimda, Other Worms and Life on the Internet (2001-09-21 22:34:55)
    "The other reason Linux, Apache and *BSD have a big advantage is the code is open for peer review. While the marketing departments of large proprietary software companies keeps telling the world that this is bad because a potential cracker can see how to break the code, the reality is that pride of ownership seems to far outweigh this potential problem."

  • The Register: Why Microsoft's Open HailStorm promises flatter to deceive (2001-09-21 19:01:17)
    "In short, it's hard to do authorization between a Windows server and a non-Windows server, and that seems to be the way Redmond likes it. Nothing in today's announcements changes this in any way, in fact it confirms the Redmond-centric way of doing business on .NET."

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: uucp (2001-09-21 18:27:37)
    "Zen Parse discovered that an argument handling problem that exists in the uucp package can allow a local attacker to gain access to the uucp user or group."

  • ZDNet: Linux desktop KDE 2.2.1 rivals Windows (2001-09-21 16:59:34)
    "Touted as a powerful, yet easy-to-use Internet-enabled desktop, KDE 2.2.1 lives up to all expectations. Despite appearances, version 2.2.1 is much more than a simple dot upgrade from its previous manifestation, KDE 2.1. Numerous bug fixes have been incorporated into the product, and many enhancements have been made."

  • PCWorld.com: Tablet PC Makes Its Way to the Masses (2001-09-21 15:55:11)
    "Based on Transmeta's Crusoe microprocessor , the AquaPad tablet PC will be available in two versions: one running Microsoft's Windows CE and one running the Midori Linux operating system, says Allen Chen, a sales account manager for FIC speaking at the World PC Expo exhibition, which is currently running just outside of Tokyo."

  • The Inquirer: Linux on Alpha heads for the gulag (2001-09-21 13:04:27)
    "Folks on the mailing list for SuSE Linux on Alpha processors have just received an ominous email from SuSE's Stefan Reinauer that seems to point to the end of Linux support on the Alpha platform."

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Special Edition (2001-09-21 03:22:46)
    "The final version of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 8.1 will become available early next week; then the boxed versions of Mandrake Linux 8.1 will hit the retail stores in several weeks. But would you like to shorten the delay?"