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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 22, 2001

  • Linux-Mobile-Guide 3.10 Released (2001-09-22 23:52:12)
    "The Linux-Mobile-Guide (formerly called the Laptop-HOWTO) is a guide covering laptop and PDA related Linux features, such as installation methods (via PCMCIA, without CD drive, etc.), hardware features (PCMCIA, IrDA, APM, etc.), and configurations for different (network) environments. The new issue v3.10 is now available."

  • Linux Magazine: VR3 Does Not Meet the Agenda (2001-09-22 22:01:02)
    "The VR3 is a very clever handheld, but as a consumer PDA, it doesn't hold a candle to the much more mature Palm devices. Its appeal would be greatest for Linux hackers who want a pocket-sized Linux device to fool around with or for application developers who want to port standard apps to this platform instead of writing them from scratch for Windows CE or PalmOS."

  • Void Main Releases RMS Speech Set to Music (2001-09-22 19:45:26)
    "Void Main recently released a musical version of the speech "Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation" with R.M.Stallman himself for the vocals."

  • Slashdot: Hacking Linux Exposed [Book Review] (2001-09-22 17:58:24)
    "The Linux focus allows the authors to get much more in depth than they were able to in Hacking Exposed , which was disjointed at times, unable to really probe each issue. However the opposite is also true --- since they wanted to focus on Linux-specific attacks, they do not go into general attacks, such as JavaScript, cross site scripting, and other browser-related problems, for example. For these types of attacks you should look elsewhere. I think keeping the focus clean is very much worth it."

  • O'Reilly Network: Introduction to Wireless (2001-09-22 14:03:51)
    "The low cost of wireless hubs and wireless cards has brought this exciting new technology into the realm of affordability for almost anyone. Wireless networking hubs, called "access points" can be purchased for as little as USD$300, and with manufacturer rebates, wireless PC cards for laptops and handhelds are under $100 from most online discounters. So, with all this activity, it seems a perfect area to explore for the Linux-centric enterprise to enable your users to liberate themselves from the shackles of CAT5 cables and get a breath of fresh air."