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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 09, 2001

  • AMD Athlon XP Linux Tested (Oct 09, 2001, 22:16)
    "Included in the review are full technical details, compatibility information, stability concerns, and the all-important benchmarks, all under Linux."

  • Tonight Live: No Show >> But Keep Up the Presure on Disney. (Oct 09, 2001, 21:30)
    "We will have no show tonight, due to technical difficulties attempting to do the show from Las Vegas, but you can still support our political action."

  • EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop (Oct 09, 2001, 20:45)
    "Are you looking for icons, backgrounds, color schemes, window decorations, system sounds, or entire themes? ("EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop") provides exactly that. While relatively low on quantity, quality is very high."

  • Red Hat: LEGISLATIVE ALERT: SSSCA - Security Systems Standards and Certification Act (Oct 09, 2001, 20:12)
    "Without question, Red Hat strongly opposes the bill. We believe it encroaches into the first amendment rights of individuals. It could also have harmful effects on open source software if the fundamental right to copy the software is restricted. In addition, the bill's definition of digital technology is far too broad and could be used to refer to almost any digital technology."

  • Eric S. Raymond: Open Source Initiative's letter of comment on W3C's proposed RAND policy (Oct 09, 2001, 19:05)
    "If the W3C persists in its present course, it risks having its tea dumped in Boston harbor as the first move in a revolution that will vest effective control of Web standards in open-source groups like the Apache Software Foundation and entirely out of the ambit of the W3C and its sponsors. OSI would do what we can help lead that revolt."

  • CMP: Discussion: W3C and Patents (Oct 09, 2001, 16:43)
    "Savvy vendors, from Microsoft to IBM to Sun have been "gaming" the standards process for years now. When operating from a position of weakness--think of Microsoft early in the Web browser game, or today with instant messaging--touting open standards has become a standard tactical move. Alternatively, when a vendor owns a de facto standard, the W3C or other standards bodies often become an after-thought."

  • NewsForge: Review: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.53GHz) (Oct 09, 2001, 16:05)
    "A few years ago, Cyrix, now part of VIA, released a line of CPUs called the 6x86. Cyrix claimed that these CPUs were equivalent to Intel CPUs of a higher clock, and labeled them as such with "performance ratings," PR ratings for short. Cyrix was criticized for this, because the CPUs didn't really outperform higher clocked Intel CPUs. We have been without PR ratings from the major CPU makers for the last few years, but now again we find them in use, with the new Athlon XP line of CPUs."

  • Create a Linux-based network for peanuts (Start with the right distribution!) (Oct 09, 2001, 13:06)
    "Before we can install Linux on our users' PCs, we must select an appropriate Linux distribution. Back in part 3 , we configured an application server, and I made no recommendation about which distribution you should use. I provided general guidelines for configuration of different initialization systems and some of the distributions that use them. You may be tempted to use the same Linux distribution for the PC X terminals. Don't."

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: problems with devfs [kernel package] (Oct 09, 2001, 08:04)
    "Alexander Viro discovered a vulnerability in the devfs implementation that is shipped with Mandrake Linux 8.1. We are aware of the problem and are currently working on a solution. As a workaround, until an update becomes available, please boot with the devfs=nomount option."

  • AllLinuxDevices: MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation (Oct 09, 2001, 02:36)
    "The MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation Project, a 100% Open Source Project sponsored by Arizona Cooperative Power, LLC, is accepting Advanced Purchase Orders for its Wide Beta Version MyLinux Pocket Linux Workstation (PLW). The PLW is a 100% Open Source, custom embedded Linux platform that is small enough to fit in your pocket and yet powerful enough to serve as your workstation."