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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 10, 2001

  • AllLinuxDevices: Linux PDA Focus Group to be Held Friday in NJ (2001-10-10 21:52:01)
    "Each participant will recieve a check for $100 and a Sharp Zaurus developer kit which includes a Linux-based PDA. Refreshments and food will be served. The focus group will be videotaped and participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreemeent and participate on an on-line discussion group for several weeks following the meeting."

  • Building OpenOffice For Debian mini-HOWTO (2001-10-10 20:25:18)
    Peter Novodvorsky has produced a document explaining how to build OpenOffice on Debian which he says will likely help with the process on other distributions, too.

  • OSNews.com: Linus Torvalds Tells All (Interview) (2001-10-10 17:55:21)
    Eleven questions with Linus Torvalds at OSNews: a sketchy Linux 2.5 timeline, GNU/Linux vs. Linux, desktop environment pick, driver management, kernel scalability, plus some more.

  • LinuxDevices.com: Sneak preview: a Linux powered wireless phone (2001-10-10 16:04:37)
    "GITWiT (Kirkland, WA) is currently developing a Linux-based wireless handset which combines communications and entertainment within a uniquely customizable two-part design. The company plans to initially aim the device at the lucrative "teen market", by offering a colorful phone with cool teen-oriented capabilities."

  • ZDNet: Red Hat 7.2: Pain-free Linux (2001-10-10 14:01:46)
    "Red Hat 7.2 isn't quite a knife in the heart of Windows yet. However, we can't help but feel that it will certainly nick a major artery. The simplified user interface, unified procedures, and product support go a long way to elevate Linux from the toolbox to the workplace. It's an upwardly mobile kick in the pants for Linux and we're happy to see Red Hat do it."

  • Debian Weekly News - October 9th, 2001 (2001-10-10 11:18:53)
    This week: Debian Documentation Project needs volunteers, "Open Source" vs. "Free Software", HTML from DocBook XML, Tomcat and licensing, more.

  • osOpinion: Did Linux Miss Its Window? (2001-10-10 09:22:38)
    "...Linux has not aggressively exploited the nearly two-year gap between the release of Windows 2000 and the release of Windows XP. With the Home Edition of XP now the standard operating system shipped with most PCs, Linux advocates can no longer use the instability of Windows 95/98/Me as an argument for Linux."