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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 18, 2001

  • Free Telephony Developers to Gather for Linux Kongress (2001-10-18 18:42:41)
    "During this year's 8th annual Internation Linux Kongress, Held November 28th thru November 30th, at University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, a special Telephony BOF and presentation about GNU Bayonne and the GNU Telephony effort as a whole will be held. This BOF will be hosted by David Sugar, the maintainer of GNU Bayonne and a founder of Open Source Telecom, Inc."

  • Red Hat Adds Linux Desktop Productivity Essentials Training Course (2001-10-18 17:25:33)
    "The new three-day course is designed for people with no Linux experience who want to achieve maximum productivity at home or work using Red Hat Linux desktop-based application suites for common office productivity tasks."

  • Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium Release Candidate Available (2001-10-18 16:50:45)
    Mandrake has made a release candidate of its Itanium distribution available. Updates include fixes to the IA-32 emulation subsystem, fixes for several other packages, and includes new linear algebra software and SYMPA packages.

  • WIRED: Open War ('Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Moral Victory') (2001-10-18 15:29:20)
    A sprawling article that defies an excerpt. Starts us out with abusive zealots at Red Hat, likens desktop advocates to "the Japanese soldiers on Guadalcanal who refused to surrender years after the bomb ended World War II," touches on more abusive zealotry, gets opinions from Alan Cox and Rob Malda on flamers (they're against them), and then moves to the core of its thesis: the Desktop War (against Microsoft, not the intramural one) is doomed.

  • osOpinion: Not Your Grandma's Desktop (2001-10-18 13:59:11)
    "Are the Linux desktop environment projects -- as in KDE and GNOME -- really after Grandma? Is Grandma the lowest common denominator that needs to be satisfied? Sorry Grandma, I don't mean that like it sounds."

  • Linux Weekly News for October 18, 2001 (2001-10-18 13:03:18)
    This week: Liberty Alliance, Half-free licenses, W3C Update, Microsoft against disclosure, more.

  • Linux Journal: Marty Larsen Leads Laid-Off VA Professional Services Team to Safety (2001-10-18 10:53:37)
    "Marty Larsen, the recently laid-off director of the Professional Services division at former Linux vendor VA Linux Systems, has found jobs for most of that division at Red Hat. The transition, not an acquisition, will also bring VA Professional Services clients to Red Hat. "We're not losing any current customers", Larsen said."