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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 25, 2001

  • Oracle on SuSE Linux Enterprise 7 is Faster Than NT2000, Fastcenter Corp. Benchmarks Released (2001-10-25 20:20:20)
    "Fastcenter Oracle performance tests on exactly the same hardware show NT2000 capable of only 85% of throughput compared to SuSE Linux Enterprise 7."

  • SuSE Linux 7.3 Now Shipping (2001-10-25 18:05:55)
    "We started shipping the brand new SuSE Linux 7.3 yesterday! We should have all of the pre-orders in the mail by Friday, and it should be in the retail stores (Best Buy, CompUSA, Fry's, Microcenter and Borders by the middle of next week." Pricing and a list of new features within.

  • AllLinuxDevices: First Humanoid Robot built with RTLinux In European Premiere at Milan Expo (2001-10-25 14:51:44)
    "Human-shaped robots are well-suited for operating within environments designed for real humans. In order to provide an experimental research platform for full-body integrated sensing and control, the prototype Humanoid Robot "H6" and "H7" are currently being developed at the JSK Laboratory at the University of Tokyo" - said Dr. Satoshi Kagami. The humanoid robot ``H7'' is developed as a platform for the research on perception-action coupling in intelligent behavior of humanoid type robots."

  • LinuxDevices.com: DIY Linux-based TV set-top MP3 player (2001-10-25 14:02:01)
    "Several years ago, I started a database-driven car MP3 player project called route66. It was featured in MaximumPC magazine and earlier this year as the cover story in Maximum Linux Magazine, as it uses Linux and other open-source packages. The basic design philosophy was to leverage the power of a database to make a system that learns my musical tastes and plays songs I am likely to want to hear so I can keep my eyes on the road while driving. The project ramped up quickly, and I began to abstract the concept for use in home systems as well as cars. Soon it seemed that embedded systems were really the right way to go, and I settled on the GCT-Allwell 1030N set-top box as an ideal platform for a home version of route66, because it could be made with no moving parts (hence, no noise)."

  • Linux Weekly News for October 25, 2001 (2001-10-25 13:07:22)
    This week: Responses to Scott Culp, Emacs 21, censored kernel changelogs, Mozilla 1.0 Manifesto, 'Lindows,' more.

  • osOpinion: Hypocrisy Taints Censure of Microsoft (2001-10-25 12:04:38)
    "Mr. Raymond's article goes down the fashionable path of bashing Microsoft with little real basis in fact or thought. If you ask me, Mr. Raymond is a hypocrite. Where did I see him rant about the BIND admins setting up a private, members-only mailing list for security issues in the most common DNS server in the world?"

  • Advogato: Leaving SourceForge (2001-10-25 11:15:50)
    "The financial situation for VA Linux looks bleak. Those of us who depend on SourceForge for development are, or should be, getting worried. Already, one of the core services provided by SourceForge has fallen into "no longer being maintained". It seems prudent to develop back-up plans."

  • Linux.com: Mandrake 8.1 Review (2001-10-25 06:53:29)
    "...the latest Linux-Mandrake distribution has plenty of room for improvement. My testing showed some new installation features to be simply incomplete. But this release neverthless maintains Mandrake's position as the easiest -- and one of the most complete -- Linux distributions available. Mandrakesoft has targeted new Linux users of all kinds, from network administrators switching their LAN or webserver, to developers, to home users disenchanted with Microsoft. All of these people will find switching over to Linux a little less painful thanks to Mandrake."