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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 31, 2001

  • Red Hat: White Paper: Red Hat's New Journaling File System: ext3 (2001-10-31 22:51:56)
    Michael Johnson wrote in to let us know that he's updated Red Hat's white paper on the use of ext3: "There is a lot more information in this new version, and that information should answer questions that were posted in talkbacks and such, so I am guessing it would be interesting to your readers."

  • The Register: Red Hat Hell Continued (2001-10-31 19:47:59)
    "...today I returned to my retailer and exchanged the Red Hat package for a replacement. And lo and behold, the new install CD started without trouble. Immediately encouraged, I anticipated a sweet time getting 7.2 running, but unfortunately that was not to be."

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter - Issue #17 (2001-10-31 17:07:23)
    This Week's Summary: Mandrake Linux 8.1 boxes soon in a Store near you; The release candidate of Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium architecture; Mandrake in the News; What's cooking at MandrakeSoft?; Business case of the week; This Week's Online Poll; Security-related Software Updates; Headlines from MandrakeForum.

  • Linux Journal: Linuxchix, Govt. Officials and Pianolas--They Don't Call him maddog for Nothin' (2001-10-31 15:10:12)
    "One of maddog's talks was on why Linux is like a pianola (player piano), explaining that both benefit from open standards. I snatched about 15 minutes with maddog on the final day of the cruise to discuss with him his exploits with Linux International and his fascination with player pianos."

  • ComputerWorld: IBM Roils Linux Waters (2001-10-31 12:58:47)
    "If IBM gets its way, users will soon be thinking about operating systems the way investors view pork bellies: as mere commodities. The instrument the company will use to make this sea change in IT? Linux. The implications of IBM's strategy for corporate IT planners are enormous. It affects everything from in-house development projects to server deployments. And the impact on IBM's competitors could be even more dramatic, say analysts and users."

  • Debian Weekly News - October 30th, 2001 (2001-10-31 07:42:55)
    This week: MPEG in a Console, Linux Down Under, more from RMS re: advertising non-Free software, LSB update, new Potato release pending, more.