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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 09, 2001

  • Eric S. Raymond: Thank you, Microsoft, but no thanks! (2001-11-09 23:17:22)
    "As an exercise in retroactive imperialism, this is little short of breathtaking. It ignores the fact that though the open-source culture wouldn't get public visibility until after 1993, or a name for itself until 1998, it already existed well before the foundation of Microsoft in 1975."

  • NewsForge: Annual Linux Showcase: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word (about attendance) (2001-11-09 20:18:37)
    "Almost 90 exhibitors were present for ALS 2000 in Atlanta, including such unlikely business names like America Online and the recently defunct Linux General Store. The economy has taken a toll on the number of exhibitors present for this year's show -- a meager 28."

  • UnixReview.com: Packing Linux on iPAQ (2001-11-09 15:07:47)
    "The third step is to load a root filesystem image to the iPAQ. There are two choices here: the first, weighing in at 5 MB, is a skeleton that required quite a bit of work to get connected to my network and Web services. The other option is an 11.5-MB file that does everything from installing the X Window System with wireless support to installing some apps! This is the Linux that will rule the world -- provided you can wait the 30-plus minutes it takes just to download the code over the 115K-baud serial connection."

  • osOpinion: Open Source Takes a Look at Loopholes in the Microsoft Deal (2001-11-09 14:03:38)
    "The proposed antitrust agreement between Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice calls for the formation of a three-person Technical Committee to assist in enforcement of and compliance with the agreement (section IV.B.1). But a close look at the agreement reveals more than one loophole and back-door provision that could either limit -- or enhance -- the role of open-source contributors in enforcing the deal."

  • MSNBC: Copyrights and copywrongs (Why Thomas Jefferson Would Love Napster) (2001-11-09 11:56:56)
    "Because so many recent cases involve digital technology, we might assume that these are new issues, that copyright in an analog world was relatively stable and non-controversial. But in fact, copyright was not only one of the most lively subjects of debate among our Founding Fathers. The values that copyright reflects echo with the very principles of the American Revolution and Constitutional Convention."

  • October Netcraft Results: Apache Remains on Top (2001-11-09 09:18:47)
    Sorry for the delay: "The number of Apache sites found by this months survey actually fell in absolute numbers as well as percentages, primarily as a result a routing problem in Germany causing around a 5-10% reduction in sites responding in that country, and more significant losses of mass shared hosting sites at Exodus, KPNQwest, and Bell South."

  • Linux Journal: Editors' Choice Awards (2001-11-09 01:37:17)
    SuSE 7.3, Konqueror, and KDE 2.