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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 12, 2001

  • ServerWatch: Covalent Releases Apache Management Tool (2001-11-12 22:12:04)
    "With Web server growth outstripping IT staff growth in leaps and bounds (some figures estimate the growth rates to be as divergent as 2 percent per week vs. 5 percent per year, respectively), Scott Albrough, vice president of marketing for Covalent, told ServerWatch that Covalent believes the gap will be filled by management software apps."

  • UPDATED: FSF Europe: SourceForge drifting (2001-11-12 22:08:44)
    "Over the past few months the SourceForge development facility, which hosts a large number of Free Software projects, has changed its policies. Features for exporting a project from SourceForge have been removed. The implementation used to be exclusively Free Software but is now based on non-free software. Finally, VA Linux has become rather underhand in their attempts to grasp exclusive control of contributors' work." [ SourceForge.net's manager, Patrick McGovern, has rebutted several of the points made in this article. Link within. -ed. ]

  • SEUL.org: Linux in education report #57 for November 12 (2001-11-12 21:38:31)
    SEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students. This week: "Intellectual Property: Harm or Helpful in Academia", Linux in education case studies, Open Source Schools e-zine, web based software for publishing academic journals, more.

  • LinuxDevices.com: A developer's perspective on Sharp's Zaurus SL-5000D Linux/Java PDA (2001-11-12 15:10:32)
    "This article is the seventh in a LinuxDevices.com series on Exploring Linux PDA Alternatives by Jerry Epplin that explores the history, status, alternative architectures, and future developments of Linux on PDAs and handheld devices. In this installment, Epplin takes a close-up look at the new Sharp Electronics Zaurus SL-5000D Linux/Java PDA developer edition, from both a user and developer point of view."

  • AListApart.com: Opera CTO HÃ¥kon Lie: MSN, Opera & Web Standards (2001-11-12 13:01:00)
    "Given this result, one might conclude that Microsoft is actively sabotaging the work of web standards and W3C -- or at the very least, demonstrating an almost unbelievable lack of competence. Microsoft points to W3C specifications when explaining why they lock competitors' browsers out of MSN, yet none of the documents published on MSN follow these W3C specifications. In any case, it will be harder for Microsoft to blame lockouts on standards in the future."

  • KillerTux.com: SuSE Linux Professional 7.3 Experiences (2001-11-12 12:06:05)
    "For the first time in our website's history, all three of us have come down on the side of SuSE. Generally one of us is in favor of SuSE - no matter what they publish. Another one is a Mandrake user while the third one can't seem to get any Linux distribution to work as he'd like."

  • The Register: MS promotes Linux from threat to 'the' threat - Memo (2001-11-12 11:04:03)
    "The core outrage from Valentine's perspective is all these Sun and IBM shops migrating in droves to the cheaper Intel platform, and observing along the way that Linux is a good deal easier to deal with if you're already acquainted with UNIX. Funny that. Kinda the key idea behind Linux, but we digress."

  • LinuxHardware.org: Pentium 3 SMP Reviewed (2001-11-12 05:53:22)
    "...we wanted to see what could be done with a Pentium 3, which is the only officially supported SMP option that would fit into the budget realm. Read on for a detailed look at a Pentium 3 933 SMP setup, on two different chipsets. This will mainly be a motherboard review, but will have some bits of our CPU review included too."