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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 13, 2001

  • Community: phpGroupWare is leaving SourceForge (2001-11-13 22:57:39)
    Dan Kuykendall of the phpGroupWare project outlines the reasons he's moving the project to GNU's Savannah.

  • ZDNet: Bug secrecy vs. full disclosure (Bruce Schneier) (2001-11-13 22:09:25)
    "What we've learned during the past eight or so years is that full disclosure helps much more than it hurts. Since full disclosure has become the norm, the computer industry has transformed itself from a group of companies that ignores security and belittles vulnerabilities into one that fixes vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. A few companies are even going further, and taking security seriously enough to attempt to build quality software from the beginning: to fix vulnerabilities before the product is released."

  • Tonight: Semi Live- Ximian GNOME and Being the Top Threat>> on The Linux Show (2001-11-13 21:11:56)
    Tonight's show: Ximian GNOME, Microsoft's Linux concerns.

  • Community: ILUG: Distro Wars - Paintball, Beer and Alan Cox (2001-11-13 19:02:48)
    "ILUG (Irish Linux Users Group) is pleased to announce Distro Wars 2001 (24th-25th November)"

  • Linux Gazette: PDF Service with Samba (2001-11-13 16:07:03)
    "We will use Samba to provide a "pseudo-printer" service (it will look like a standard printer to clients) that will use Ghostscript to create a PDF document out of any Postscript printer job that is queued onto it. We will then configure the Windows machines to use this shared printer and send jobs to it in Postscript form."

  • osOpinion: Public Domain Software - Better Than Open Source? (2001-11-13 14:54:20)
    "By disallowing commercial use of open software, smaller, struggling companies cannot leverage open software to reduce their time to market, thereby making it more difficult to compete against entrenched monopolists."

  • O'Reilly Network: Getting Started with LDAP (2001-11-13 13:50:48)
    "...we're going to start working with LDAP in a semi-real work environment. Specifically, we're going to set up a basic LDAP directory to store Unix user accounts, along with a script to pull those accounts to a Unix system -- that is one of the things for which you can and should use LDAP. This will also be useful to demonstrate that even if your version of Unix can't authenticate directly off LDAP, you can still store your users in LDAP and get all the benefits that come with that."

  • Budget Pentium 4: 845 Motherboards Reviewed (2001-11-13 13:08:37)
    "Intel's 845 chipset has arrived and now Intel fans finally have an upgrade path that will allow them to keep their existing SDRAM and still upgrade to the Intel Pentium 4 processor. The big question though is, what sort of performance hit can you expect from not taking the plunge with RAMBUS?"

  • ReactiveLinux.com: Oakland Linux Showcase: The Short and Dirty Version (2001-11-13 12:18:17)
    "The floor (if you want to call it that) was lined up with two things--computers, and exhibits. That's it. And the saddest part of this whole show (or the lack of) was that there were more computer terminals, on the floor, than exhibits. Who were the big players you ask? Heh, well, Compaq and HP were there. That's it. Red Hat was there, but all that they had was a table, with a Red Hat table cloth draped over it."