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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 14, 2001

  • InfoSync: Meet the new YOPY (2001-11-14 20:28:03)
    "Originally to be sold under the Samsung name, it's now a bit unclear whether it will be sold under the name of the company that's developing it - Korean G.Mate - or under the Samsung brand. Nevertheless, the YOPY is right now being previewed at the COMDEX Fall 2001 expo, and will according to G.Mate be shipping at the end of November."

  • LinuxJournal: Zimmermann: More (secure email) Pie Please (2001-11-14 18:55:59)
    "Zimmermann says that the current practice of keysignings, with government-issued identification, recitation of fingerprints and other rituals, is missing the point of helping users get the practical benefits of encrypting their mail. "What did I start? I feel like I've created a monster", he told a crowd of GPG users."

  • AsiaBizTech: Casio to Roll Out Crusoe-Based Laptop PC with Switchable OS (2001-11-14 17:42:16)
    "The new Cassiopeia Fiva features the ability to let users switch between two operating systems -- Windows OS or "Midori Linux" OS -- at the time of start-up. Midori Linux is the company's proprietary OS based on Linux. It will go on sale at an open price. Its expected retail price is around 140,000 yen. (120.70 yen = US$1)" [ Midori Linux isn't a Casio-built OS, nor is it proprietary. -ed. ]

  • LinuxPR: Linux and Open Source has a new voice coming (2001-11-14 13:03:41)
    "LinuxRadio is a main stream internet station that provides a forum for the Open Source community to provide the masses with the current news of Linux and the Open Source Movement. Whether your favorite distro is Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe, Caldera, Slackware, or one of the many other flavors of the penguin OS, LinuxRadio is here to cover it along with playing the finest of "Open Source Variety" of music. LinuxRadio is operated by former and current broadcasters with a combination of a total of over 40 years of radio and television experience."

  • MLUG: The Linux Terminal - A Beginners' Bash (2001-11-14 12:50:28)
    "Beginners to Linux may be somewhat intimidated by the Linux terminal - having to type in commands and make sense of the results may sound difficult to a newcomer. This tutorial by the Malta Linux User Group takes a very simple, step-by-step approach and introduces the power and features offered by the Linux terminal, allowing even an absolute newcomer to feel more at ease at the helm of the bash shell."

  • osOpinion: Software Giant Takes Aim at Freebie Penguin (2001-11-14 03:09:23)
    "A much bigger threat to Microsoft than Linux is market stagnation. Holding 90 percent market share means that you have to look to other markets for customers (Xbox, keyboards, mice, Pocket PC). Another option is to try to sell your product yet again to the same people (read: XP) -- or to change to a rental structure (insert .NET here)."