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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 19, 2001

  • ServerWatch: Dell Introduces New Low-End Server for Small Business (2001-11-19 23:20:05)
    "...the PowerEdge 1500SC is available with factory installation of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, or Red Hat Linux 7.2."

  • Dell: Clarifying Dell and Linux: An open letter to our Linux customers (2001-11-19 20:05:24)
    "Dell believes that Linux enables an excellent migration platform for customers with applications previously restricted to proprietary UNIX platforms, such as workstation and internet applications. As such, Dell will continue to support Linux as outlined above."

  • InfoWorld.com: Who Pays These People? (2001-11-19 19:12:08)
    "Whenever I discuss the dynamics of the open-source community, someone inevitably asks, "Who pays the salaries for all of this software development? How can these programmers survive by writing free software?"

  • ReactiveLinux: Red Hat 7.2 Professional Review (2001-11-19 13:27:59)
    "There's only one reason to upgrade to Red Hat 7.2 and that reason is contained in one word -- ext3."

  • KillerTux.com: Quanta Gold 3.0 Reviewed (2001-11-19 12:16:40)
    "The bottom line is that we cannot recommend this product for professional webdesigners. Even though the program is less than $40 for the download version, I just can't see a programmer being happy with it. Maybe someone interested in learning HTML/PHP coding might find the program helpful. However, a professional would throw up their hands with the mouse error and the strange highlighting. It is certainly not a dream tool for a professional."

  • Community: linux.ie: ILUG DistroWars - the details (2001-11-19 11:07:38)
    Ken Guest wrote in with a link to details on the ILUG DistroWars event.