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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 26, 2001

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: kernel (2001-11-26 23:35:17)
    "Alexander Viro discovered a vulnerability in the devfs implementation that is shipped with Mandrake Linux 8.1. We are aware of the problem and are currently working on a solution. As a workaround, until an update becomes available, please boot with the devfs=nomount option."

  • CNN.com: Linux inches toward acceptance on PDAs (2001-11-26 16:01:15)
    "Over the past few years, advocates of the Linux operating system have mounted several failed offensives to try and conquer the desktop, but at the same time a less visible battle has been going on in the PDA (personal digital assistant) market. The difference between them? Linux may actually have a chance on PDAs."

  • Network Computing: Locked Down Out of the Box [Overview of Secure Distributions] (2001-11-26 15:02:41)
    "Although these efforts have gone a long way toward improving the security of Linux, most mainstream vendors still don't address the needs of those who require a high level of security or need a bulletproof server at installation time. Enter security-enhanced distributions. Of the many vendors offering this type of secure solution, two offerings, Engarde Secure Linux and Immunix, caught our favor as the most polished and ready for prime time."

  • osOpinion: Open-Source Activism in Need of Repair (2001-11-26 13:50:11)
    "A great deal of this whining is directed at Microsoft. While I personally am not a fan of the giant in Redmond, it is my belief that if only a small percentage of this energy were directed in more productive areas, the community could get a lot more accomplished."