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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 04, 2001

  • The Register: MS to Europe: opening source would break patent laws (2001-12-04 22:28:20)
    "Could this be a gauntlet? In its response to the European Commission's accusations of anti-competitive behaviour, Microsoft has claimed that the Commission forcing it to license its source code would break international patent laws. And it has noted: 'The proceedings before the Commission are inevitably affected by the settlement that Microsoft has entered into with the US Department of Justice.'"

  • DebianPlanet: Dpkg for Debian GNU/w32 released (2001-12-04 20:55:24)
    "In August of 2001, we reported on the conception of the Debian GNU/w32 port as proposed by A Mennucc in this thread on debian-devel. The project is beginning to gain momentum with Mark Paulus of the Debian GNU/w32 project announcing last week of his sucess in building dpkg under a Cygwin environment. Base system packages are not yet ready. However, their functionality is currently being replicated by Cygwin's own ported GNU tools."

  • Tonight Live: The Best of 2001-Part One >> on The Linux Show! (2001-12-04 20:21:35)
    "Tonight we will have the first installment of a 2 part show. The panel members will suggest stories, companies and products that impacted 2001 the most. Although we do have a couple categories in mind, we will allow the panel to "make it up" as they go along."

  • KDE.news: KDevelop Gains Cross-Platform Compilation Support (2001-12-04 19:16:49)
    "KDevelop's programmer extraordinaire Ralf Nolden has added cross-compilation support to KDevelop. As his initial motivation was to support development for the Zaurus."

  • The Register: HP's Blade strategy isn't so dense (2001-12-04 17:12:11)
    "Surprisingly the first offerings will be Linux-only, with Windows and HP-UX to follow. Red Hat, SuSE and Debian - chalk one up for HP's Linux advisor, Bruce Perens - are the favoured distros."

  • MandrakeForum:Mandrakesoft Advent Calendar (2001-12-04 12:06:39)
    "Thanks to the numerous responses to our bizcases survey , we'll have no problems presenting you with a very special Advent calendar this year: Every day, there will be at least one new story on MandrakeBizcases site, and we'll try to put some very special stories out each Sunday."

  • LinuxPR: theKompany.com Announces DataArchitect 2.0, a Qt Based ERD Tool For Database Admins (2001-12-04 08:58:12)
    "DataArchitect is an exciting tool for Linux and Windows that provides ERD capability like PowerDesigner as well as the ability to graphically reverse engineer, create and modify a database through ODBC and perform advanced SQL functions..."

  • GNU-Darwin: Yearly report (2001-12-04 02:33:05)
    "The GNU-Darwin CD images are easily among our most popular downloads, and will soon rival AbiWord, Xdarwin, E!, OpenSSH, PyMOL, and even the package manager itself. More interestingly, the x86 iso is at least as popular as the ppc image, and we are seeing a similar situation with x86 packages. We may soon face the possibility that the GNU-Darwin Apple users will be outnumbered by GNU-Darwin Intel users."

  • TuxPPC.com: A few thoughts about the future of Yellow Dog Linux... (2001-12-04 01:02:51)
    "The next release of YDL could ultimately decide the fate of the company and their distribution. First YDL needs to redefine themselves, continuing as simply a "PowerPC release of RedHat" is going to leave them in a very precarious position, should RedHat release for all PowerPC hardware."

  • Special Thanks to Chris Allegretta (2001-12-04 00:09:05)
    LinuxToday would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Allegretta for our shiny new 'favicon.'