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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 06, 2001

  • ServerWatch: Sun Goes After Wintel/Lintel Vendors with New Server (2001-12-06 20:35:21)
    "For Sun, this represents an entry-level offering for the enterprise at a time when the company is losing market share to low-end servers based on Windows 2000 Server and Linux."

  • Embedded.com: Is Embedded Linux a Bust? (2001-12-06 19:54:42)
    "In the embedded world Linux is even less than an OS; it can't even manage real time events -- at least not in the native distribution. Unless Linux is bolted on top of a traditional embedded RTOS, your system might have a killer file system but be unable to handle asynchronous events in a timely manner."

  • NewsForge: Making Linux look harder than it is (2001-12-06 17:12:53)
    "Could the biggest problem with Linux usability be that most of the people teaching newbies to use Linux are too smart and know too much?"

  • O'Reilly Network: System Failure and Recovery Practice (2001-12-06 13:15:51)
    "UML virtual machines are nearly identical to physical machines in their behavior, except that they are far more convenient to configure and boot. This makes them ideal for system administrator training and practice. In particular, they are very well-suited for creating admin disasters in order to practice recovering from them. I will be describing the creation of and recovery from three disasters, plus the creation (but not recovery) of a fourth."

  • Tommy Hilfiger Chooses IBM and Linux for e-business Infrastructure (2001-12-06 09:41:14)
    "IBM today announced that Tommy Hilfiger Corporation has chosen IBM, eOneGroup and Linux for its new e-business infrastructure as the company works to expand its presence among thousands of U.S. specialty retailers, as well as its worldwide manufacturing facilities and employees."