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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 10, 2001

  • Linux Journal: Installing Debian GNU/Linux on a Dell laptop (2001-12-10 23:37:52)
    "In this article, I will discuss all the steps necessary to install the current stable release of Debian GNU/Linux (currently 2.2r3, also known as potato) on this laptop; upgrade from the stable release of Debian to the unstable branch (currently known as sid); and set up XFree86 4.1.0 to run at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and at 24bpp color depth."

  • SEUL.org: Linux in education report #59 for December 10 (2001-12-10 22:06:05)
    This week: Red Hat quietly implements some of its Microsoft settlement proposals, LUG in Manitoba approaches provincial government, Australia's Northern Territory tries Linux in schools and saves $1 million.

  • NewsForge: Wanna buy a Linux desktop PC? Better try an independent OEM (2001-12-10 20:55:17)
    "If you've recently tried buying a desktop PC with a non-Windows operating system, such as Linux, pre-installed as the sole boot OS or as a boot option (along with Windows XP, Windows 2K, etc.), you know it's gotten harder -- if you want to buy from one of the larger vendors or retailers."

  • MandrakeSoft.com: Mandrake Linux Club explained (2001-12-10 20:05:35)
    From Mandrake's Gaël Duval: "Following our recent announce about the launch of a Mandrake Linux Users' Club and as requested by our users, we've just released the following datasheet to explain where we go with Mandrake Linux and why we have launched a Users Club." Ever-interesting distro popularity poll results from multiple sources included, too.

  • ServerWatch: qmail Mail Server Review (2001-12-10 18:20:50)
    "qmail is in fact much more secure than Sendmail. Qmail is made up of separate modules that each perform a specific task. Each of the separate modules are paranoid of each other; they each run at different security levels and do not trust one another to ensure that they perform correctly."

  • PalmStation.com: Off to See the Wizard...err Zaurus (2001-12-10 14:09:37)
    "I don't want to turn this into a device review - that will come later - so I'm going to stop now. Suffice it say that the Zaurus has a lot of potential but it remains to be seen how far it will actually come and whether it will be a viable alternative to Palm and Pocket PC devices."

  • GPL'd Quanta Plus Version 2.0 Released (2001-12-10 13:32:16)
    "Eric Laffoon reports that the stories of the demise of GPL'd Quanta have been greatly exaggerated, and to prove it, the Quanta Plus developers have released Quanta Plus 2.0."