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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 11, 2001

  • Linux Journal: Caldera Feeds Mid-sized Business Needs with Simple MS Exchange Replacement (2001-12-11 23:40:56)
    "The solution is Caldera's Volution Messaging Server, which combines SMTP, IMAP, POP and web mail in a single, web-administered package licensed for $28 per seat. 'Users don't know it's not Microsoft Exchange', Imershein said. And from the administrator's point of view, the skills to be mastered are simpler than those in the thick MS Exchange manuals."

  • Tonight Live: Like the Phoenix from the ashes Tolis and BRU rise to new heights (2001-12-11 21:30:53)
    Tonight's show: the return of BRU, IT road kill.

  • Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding MS Settlement (2001-12-11 20:27:05)
    "Red Hat, Inc. today announced that at 10:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday, December 12, 2001, CEO Matthew Szulik has been invited to testify on the proposed anti-trust settlement between Microsoft Corporation and the federal government. As an invited witness, Szulik will testify before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee as part of a panel comprised of noted legal, government and industry experts."

  • AllLinuxDevices: TimeSys Announces Availability Of TimeSys Linux GPL (2001-12-11 17:40:35)
    "TimeSys Linux GPL consists of a powerful, fully featured, preemptible Linux kernel and all other components needed to extend a standard Linux distribution to support predictable, extremely low-latency response. The fully preemptible capabilities mean the kernel has bounded, mutex-based kernel locking with a new fixed priority scheduler, schedulable (meaning the developer sets the priorities) interrupt handlers, and schedulable extended interrupt handlers, including the IP stack."

  • GNUstep Receives Help from VMware (2001-12-11 12:55:35)
    "The four licenses donated by VMWare Inc. to the GNUstep project will allow GNustep developers to run Openstep 4.2 while developing GNUstep on their Linux workstation. Although the OpenStep operating system is no longer supported, it is still a useful reference for the GNUstep implementation and the new Cocoa Framework of MAC OS X is also heavily based on the OpenStep specification."

  • osOpinion: The Warped Perspective: Open Source as Mediocrity's Mediator (2001-12-11 11:44:00)
    "Ideally, all software should be open-source, just as music is, and just as literature is. I can look at each word of the Bible or "War and Peace" and decide for myself whether it is great literature. Being able to read the contents of a product is not necessarily tantamount to giving it away."

  • InfoWorld.com: In The Name of Quality (2001-12-11 11:30:39)
    "...complete accountability is a way of life in the open-source community. People involved in open source really do sign everything they do. Your name becomes your brand."

  • Announce: Beginner Level Linux Programming Courses Now Free (2001-12-11 07:35:09)
    "...we have decided to make all the iCanProgram courses (including the Intro to Linux) free in return for a voluntary donation to your favorite cancer research charity. The Linux course is fully facilitated over 8 weekly lessons. A course mailing list allows you to query the facilitator and the other students over the 8 week period."