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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 12, 2001

  • More on the Microsoft Trial: Matthew Szulik's Testimony and a Useful HOWTO (2001-12-12 23:23:00)
    A thoughtful reader contributed a link to Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning, as well as a few other articles of interest regarding the Microsoft trial.

  • ZDNet UK: Intel gives PCs eyes with open-source software (2001-12-12 19:13:42)
    "Intel has updated its open-source software to help computers use two cameras in the same way that people use their eyes to recognise objects and gain depth perception, the company said on Tuesday."

  • The Gadgeteer: Hands On Review: Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D (2001-12-12 15:45:35)
    Exceptionally in-depth hardware review of Sharp's Linux-based PDA, and a cursory look at TrollTech's 'Qtopia' GUI with screenshots: "Right now, it has a big appeal for hackers and Unix geeks which is great, but it doesn't feel like a consumer device for the average person. If this device were running Pocket PC 2002, I would say that Sharp might have created the next golden child of the PDA world. But since they decided to go with Linux and Java, it makes me wonder if they will be able to succeed."

  • Community: The Free And Open Source Software Developers European Meeting (2001-12-12 15:00:00)
    "By hosting a series of tightly focused developer-to-developer (D2D) events, the FOSDEM will facilitate communication and cooperation between Free and Open Source software developers working in key technology areas."

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Crunch Time (2001-12-12 14:04:22)
    The public comment period on the proposed Microsoft settlement has opened. Dennis E. Powell offers a lesson in guerilla civics: why you should care and how you can make your opinion count.

  • Community: Linux Charity Christmas Party (2001-12-12 05:30:28)
    There will be a Linux charity Christmas Party next week in Toronto, Canada.

  • Forbes.com: Dunce Caps For Microsoft--And Its Critics (2001-12-12 01:02:01)
    "The debate in a Baltimore federal court is over who has a better idea about how to close "the digital divide," and equip needy schools with computers. On one side are Microsoft and the lawyers suing Microsoft; on the other side, Apple Computer, Linux advocates and other Microsoft critics. No matter who is technically right, isn't the very idea and place of the debate so very wrong?"