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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 17, 2001

  • LinuxDevices.com: Lineo announces $3 million funding, hardware spin-offs, management changes (2001-12-17 23:21:19)
    "Lineo Inc. today announced the results of recent changes, including the removal of hardware businesses and changes to the executive team, along with another round of investment. The plan for a major corporate restructuring and refocusing had been announced two months ago, and a change in CEOs was announced last month."

  • ZDNet: Microsoft takes potshots at Linux (2001-12-17 22:35:22)
    "Linux companies are incensed by a recently published Microsoft document that compares Windows XP Embedded to embedded Linux. The critics are calling some of the document's claims misleading or factually wrong."

  • LWN: Richard Stallman on the Sklyarov case (2001-12-17 18:45:11)
    "Here's a posting from Richard Stallman on Dmitry Sklyarov's freedom. "The dropping of charges against Sklyarov is a good thing, but we must not think of it as our victory, because we did not win it. Rather, it is largesse from powers that feel completely triumphant." He also had some harsh words toward Dmitry himself for having accepted the deal."

  • Evil3D.net: The Best Machine for Linux and XP (2001-12-17 18:00:55)
    "Interested in a new computer system? Have you been sourcing out the latest components for compatibility with Linux and Windows XP? If so, you may want to check out what Pogo Linux has to offer."

  • ZDNet/Tech Republic: Security measures: Linux vs BSD (2001-12-17 16:21:01)
    "A good case can also be made that Linux is inherently more stable and secure than Microsoft products, either because it's based on a better core of code or because it's open source, and many individuals have a stake in monitoring and making repairs. However, with all this discussion, there rarely seems to be any mention of an even more secure and completely free version of UNIX: BSD.

  • ZDNet: Australian Linux community applauds Warez raids (2001-12-17 15:31:53)
    "'This is great for Linux,' Con Zymaris, CEO of specialist IT services company Cybersource, told ZDNet Australia. 'The more pressure that is applied to everyone to be legal with their software, the more acutely attractive Linux and open source software look.'"

  • InternetWeek: Red Hat Adds To Linux's Credibility (2001-12-17 15:07:41)
    "Red Hat Linux Professional Server 7.1 is an operating system ready to step into many roles in the enterprise. Red Hat's Linux distribution wraps the performance and flexibility of Linux in a support package that should reassure executives leery of deploying open-source technologies in critical business settings."