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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 21, 2001

  • LinuxPR: New Xi Graphics Driver Is First To Support Wildcat II On Linux (2001-12-21 22:13:10)
    "Xi Graphics Inc. today announced that it has released an OpenGL Linux graphics driver for 3Dlabs' Wildcat II 5110 workstation graphics card. The new driver is an addition to Xi Graphics' new Summit v2.0 product line introduced last month, and is designed to run on Intel/AMD 32-bit platforms running the Linux 2.4.x kernel."

  • FOSDEM Community Support Operation Launched (2001-12-21 21:55:13)
    "The FOSDEM is a major European event focusing on Free and Open Source Software Development. It is organised by people from the Free and Open Source Software community. It is looking to keep its independance from commercial interest, and hopes to get support in this goal from the community."

  • DukeOfURL Closes Down (2001-12-21 21:17:07)
    The DukeOfURL web site, frequently linked on Linux Today and well-liked for in-depth hardware and distribution reviews, is shutting down.

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: libgtop (2001-12-21 21:11:57)
    "A remote format string vulnerability was found in the libgtop daemon by Laboratory intexxia. By sending a specially crafted format string to the server, a remote attacker could potentially execute arbitrary code on the remote system with the daemon's permissions. By default libgtop runs as the user nobody, but the flaw could be used to compromise local system security by allowing the attacker to exploit other local vulnerabilities."

  • Debian Weekly News - December 19th, 2001 (2001-12-21 21:01:21)
    This week: Debian release archive restored; Hurd CD images; fixing security critical bugs, "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" (the aesthetics of package building); porting Kaffe; more.

  • InstantMessagingPlanet.com: Build Your Own Instant Messaging Solution with Jabber (2001-12-21 18:39:08)
    Want the ultimate control over your corporate IM infrastructure? Then you'll want to consider Jabber, an Instant Messaging client/server software package built around XML. Michael Hall reviews: "Our initial reaction to the offering was poor, and it was with some relief that, just as we prepared to publish this overview, the company released a second version of the package addressing a few of the problems we experienced."

  • ComputerWorld Antarctica: What do penguins do in the cold? Help model ice shelves (2001-12-21 13:05:55)
    "As for why Hunter chooses to use Linux for his work, the reasons are many. 'I can't really imagine how I would do serious modelling work on anything other than a Unix system of some sort. Modelling is not generally just a case of running a model - it involves considerable data manipulation both at the input and output end,' explained Hunter. 'I know there are several "MathCad-type" packages around on Windows, but they do tie one into quite a limited range of manipulation options.' He also cited the flexibility of a command-line interface as crucial to the type of work that he does." [Link fixed. -ed.]

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Mandrake Clubhouse Opened (2001-12-21 11:30:32)
    "MandrakeSoft is proud to announce the grand opening of the Mandrake Linux Users Club clubhouse -- a custom website where club members can learn about club-related activities, take part in discussions, and enjoy special privileges."

  • GNUStep: An Apology for Announcing Donation of Proprietary Software to the Project (2001-12-21 07:07:39)
    "The GNUstep project would like to apologize for announcing that we had been given, as a donation, a license for a proprietary program. We made a mistake in announcing this, but the first mistake was in asking for a donation of that kind."

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: glibc update (2001-12-21 07:02:40)
    "Flavio Veloso found an overflowable buffer problem in earlier versions of the glibc glob(3) implementation. It may be possible to exploit some programs that pass input to the glibc glob() function in a manner that can be modified by the user."

  • LinuxWorld.com: 7 steps to a successful GeForce3 installation (2001-12-21 01:46:39)
    "I've never had much luck getting the Linux accelerated graphics drivers for the NVidia GeForce card to work. I could get it working with XFree86, but it would corrupt the text display when I exited X11. When I solved that problem, it caused corruption of the graphics in XFree86. Until recently, I gave up trying to get it to work. It's working now, and as a result, I'm getting used to playing games under Linux. Here is the process I went through to get the card working properly to spare you the pain of figuring it out yourself."