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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 04, 2002

  • IBM developerWorks: LPI certification 101 exam prep, Part 3 and Part 4 (2002-02-04 23:31:01)
    Covered in these tutorials: Linux permissions model, user account management, tuning, the Linux filesystems, the boot process, runlevels, filesystem quotas, and system logs.

  • ZDNet: Q&A: Red Hat CEO says Linux won't rule (2002-02-04 18:39:38)
    "In a conversation with ZDNet UK, Red Hat Chairman Bob Young explains why converting Unix customers is easy; why open source will win the day on the Internet; and why Linux will never replace Windows on the desktop."

  • ACW.com: Windows, Linux head-on in thin client contest (2002-02-04 15:33:59)
    "According to Raymond Lee, country manager, Borland Singapore, both Windows and Linux have their own niches. Businesses and home users prefer Windows while software developers favour Linux, he said. One of the reasons why Linux is increasingly being accepted as an enterprise OS is its ease of use in a thin client computing infrastructure, noted Lee."

  • HP 'Frees' Printer Drivers by Removing 'HP-Only' Clause (2002-02-04 11:58:31)
    "We're "Free"!!! As of Version 1.0.1 , the "HP Product Only" clause has been removed from the license . Thank you all for your patience as we worked through the issues allowing us to "Free" our license."