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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 08, 2002

  • LinuxOrbit: Dual booting Redhat 7.2 and Windows XP HOWTO (2002-03-08 21:30:45)
    This HOWTO specifically details how to create a dual boot system using Redhat Linux 7.2 and Windows XP with a NTFS file system using the GRUB boot loader. [ Link fixed. -ed. ]

  • Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: mod_frontpage (2002-03-08 20:12:42)
    "A problem was found in versions of improved mod_frontpage prior to 1.6.1 regarding a lack of boundary checks in fpexec.c. This means that the suid root binary is exploitable for buffer overflows. This could be exploited by remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server with superuser privileges."

  • SiliconValley.internet.com: Sun Sues Microsoft Over Java (2002-03-08 19:45:42)
    "The Palo Alto, Calif.-based networking giant, which filed the paperwork at the United States District Court in San Jose, California, is asking for more than $1 billion in damages and requires that Microsoft distribute Sun's current binary implementation of the Java plug-in as part of Windows XP and Internet Explorer."

  • KernelTrap.org: SCM, Software Licensing, Petitions... (2002-03-08 15:24:05)
    "Linus' earlier decision to test the BitKeeper source management tool with the 2.5 kernel tree has continued to create wakes of dissent. One group went so far as to start a petition against the usage of the tool... Towards the end of the many samples from this thread that follow is a reply from Linus, making it clear that he is content using BK himself, but will in no way force it upon anyone else."

  • SysAdmin: Configuring Amanda (2002-03-08 14:04:29)
    "Although Amanda was built for UNIX systems, it has been extended to provide backup services to Windows clients (via Samba, although a separate project is underway to develop a native Windows client) to allow deployment in heterogeneous environments."

  • O'Reilly Network: Stopping Spam with SpamAssassin (2002-03-08 09:24:26)
    "SpamAssassin is extremely configurable; you can select which rules you want to use, change the way the rules contribute to a piece of mail's 'spam score,' and add your own rules."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Calling all Embedded Linux companies (2002-03-08 08:38:05)
    "One of the most important tasks we can embark on together to exploit this opportunity is to construct a platform specification that ensures embedded Linux will be widely adopted and grow into a highly profitable business. The ELC Board has passed an Intellectual Property Agreement that paves the way for this embedded Linux standards work to begin at our organization meeting..."

  • O'Reilly Network: Linux Command Directory (2002-03-08 06:31:10)
    "This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition. Click on any of the 379 commands below to get a description and list of available options. All links in the command summaries point to the online version of the book on Safari Tech Books Online."

  • LinuxPR: Commercial support for SAP/Db (2002-03-08 05:35:59)
    "Linux Motor, a Open Source company, offers new support services (English/French/German) for SAP/Db. These support services include single incidents, 10 incidents or 1 year contract and remote-call duty with guaranteed response times. With these support SAP/Db now provides all advantages: not only investment safety and low TCO, but also professional and mandatory support."

  • Cyberspace Policy Institute: Open Source Software for e-Government (2002-03-08 05:01:13)
    This month's session: Open Source at the Census Bureau and Overview of the Open Source Data Base Server, MySQL.

  • LinuxPR: SnapGear Announces Powerful New Linux-Powerered VPN Router (2002-03-08 02:12:25)
    "Targeted directly at business and enterprise customers the new router presents the ability to switch to a conventional modem connection in the event of an ADSL or Cable outage."