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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 12, 2002

  • Tonight Live: Sputnik "Launches" and I Am Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It (2002-03-12 20:20:36)
    "We will be covering the hot Linux news of the last few weeks. In particular we will a series of stories/events that continue to embattle the technology development community. It has come to a point where TLS is shifting its editorial posture to a more aggresive tone."

  • LinuxOrbit: Lycoris Desktop/LX, New Linux Distro for New Linux Users (2002-03-12 18:30:51)
    "The documentation included with the CD was a simple Installation Guide, which covered the basics for getting the distribution installed. The Guide was very clear and concise, but a little short on any useful troubleshooting information. This was a bit of foreshadowing though, because this distribution has one smooth installer."

  • MandrakeForum: Mandrake Linux 8.2 Release Candidate (2002-03-12 17:00:30)
    "...But it may be the last chance for you to report problems, as the closer to the final we are, the higher is the risk to break something when correcting a bug..."

  • Linux Ported to Cisco 7600 / Catalyst 6509 (2002-03-12 14:07:31)
    "Focusing first on the Cisco 7600 platform, AYR engineers ported Linux to its central switch processor, route processor, high speed WAN line cards, and distributed switching LAN line cards. AYR then ported or developed routing protocols, a command line interface, ASIC control daemons, line card managers, flash drivers and filesystems, network drivers, and several more subsystems needed to make a complete ISP-ready high-end router."

  • IDG.net.nz: Will Linux find a home in handhelds? (2002-03-12 12:25:33)
    "Ishrat Hakim, Lineo's vice president Asia-Pacific sales and corporate development, believes Linux has the ability to hold its own in this ultra-competitive arena. This confidence is in spite of research from Gartner noting that the worldwide Linux PDA market share in 2001 represented a mere 0.2% of the 13.11 million units shipped in total."

  • Linux-Mandrake.com: The Future of Mandrake Linux (2002-03-12 10:02:01)
    "It is estimated that we will "break even" by the end of 2002, but it is unlikely that MandrakeSoft can remain unchanged during these next few months without drastically cutting costs unless additional revenue is generated quickly."

  • Reuters/Yahoo!/The Register: AOL in Deal with Red Hat to use Linux (2002-03-12 07:16:55)
    Two stories on a deal between AOL and Red Hat to deploy Linux (apparently on the server side), and some information on AOL's plans to shift to Mozilla for its clients.