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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 18, 2002

  • MandrakeSoft: Mandrake Linux 8.2 is Available (2002-03-18 21:18:49)
    "MandrakeSoft is proud to introduce Mandrake Linux 8.2 as the most feature-rich, multi-purpose Linux operating system ever made available to the public..."

  • ComputerWorld: Analysts: Security Flaws Won't Undermine Linux (2002-03-18 19:00:38)
    "Fahrner said he found the Linux community to be far more responsive than traditional, proprietary operating system vendors when security issues have cropped up, issuing fixes and patches quickly and publicly..."

  • KDE.org: The KDE Three Meeting (2002-03-18 17:30:20)
    "As the KDE-3.0 scheduled release date drew near, it became obvious that a concentrated effort focused on solving problems with the current code base was urgently needed. To solve these problems, and with the generous support of our sponsors, a group of KDE developers met in Nürnberg (Germany) from February 25th to March 4th. These developers were invited to provide the time and energy necessary for the meeting to be successful. This event is now known as the the KDE-Three meeting..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Case Study: Clusters and Image Processing (2002-03-18 16:00:02)
    In the late 1990s, ImageLinks, Inc. had the software to perform highly sophisticated remote sensing operations, thanks to declassified government code. But the software ran on high-end--and highly expensive--SGI Indigo 2 systems. In this first part of a comprehensive two-part case study, Dee-Ann LeBlanc examines the challanges that faced the team at ImageLinks when they decided to try running their code on Linux systems, in the hopes of saving thousands of dollars a year on licenses alone.

  • vmlinuz: Samsung Printer Drivers for Linux Available (2002-03-18 13:00:57)
    Owners of the ML- series of Samsung printers take note: the company is releasing Linux drivers for this line of printers.

  • Linux Orbit: Revolution-OS: Movie Review (2002-03-18 11:00:31)
    "The film is a string of interviews with several of the key figures of the free software/open source movement, staggered with slides of statistics charting the growth in users, and lines of code of the open OS as it evolved from birth to its current iterations..." [This film is scheduled for broadcast on the Sundance Channel today, March 18. Check your local cable listings. -ed.]