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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 04, 2002

  • Tonight Live: If the Rain God Allows, Fighting In The Family (2002-06-04 23:30:04)
    "Tonight we debate the issue of UnitedLinux, the common Linux distro announced last Thursday by Linux distro companies; Caldera, SuSE, Conectiva and Turbolinux. These four came together and announced a new combined distro called UnitedLinux. The four companies will pool resources to create a single Linux distribution focused on the business server market. The four companies will be free to bundle their own software with the distribution to add value to the generic distribution. Furthermore, other Linux companies are free to join the effort..."

  • ServerWatch: May 2002 Netcraft Survey Highlights (2002-06-04 22:00:33)
    "Apache, Microsoft, Zeus, and iPlanet remained the key players with shares of 56.21 percent, 31.68 percent, 2.26 percent, and 2.19 percent, respectively. The number of servers decreased across the board for all of the key players..."

  • CNET News: Linux Contract Treads on Microsoft Turf (2002-06-04 16:00:50)
    More on the German government's latest deal with SuSE and IBM, plus a mini-round-up of the progress Linux has made in public institutions around the planet.

  • LinuxPlanet: Tutorial: Adding Additional Hard Drives in Linux (2002-06-04 11:00:53)
    "With all of the hub-bub about Linux in clusters, Linux on supercomputers, and the like, sometimes it's nice to reflect on the basics a bit. For instance, what if you just wanted to do something more mundane, like add a hard drive to your Linux PC? Alexander Prohorenko steps users through this task and shows how to make this job a snap..."

  • LinuxPR: Vote for Your Favorite Open Language Programmer (2002-06-04 11:00:46)
    "ActiveState is delighted to announce the second annual Programmers' Choice and Activators' Choice Awards. The awards honor the unnamed heroes who actively contribute to open languages and display excellence in their programming efforts..."

  • UserLocal.com: Slackware 8.1 rc2 Released (2002-06-04 09:30:05)
    Slackware 8.1 RC2 was released over the weekend, according to this posting of the changelog summary at UserLocal.

  • Python-URL! - Weekly Python News and Links (June 3) (2002-06-04 08:00:26)
    This week's news from the Python-URL! Project.