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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 22, 2002

  • BYTE.com: A Summer Potpourri (2002-08-22 23:30:07)
    "Speaking of PDAs, I have not really mentioned them here in the past as this is a server-oriented column. But the Linux and high-tech market being what it is, I believe you will understand if I look for exciting new stuff outside the strict server-scope..."

  • Linux Journal: More Business, Less Boothness (2002-08-22 20:00:35)
    "A physically smaller show with the best attendance since the original LinuxWorld Expo; what was going on in San Francisco last week?"

  • NewsForge: MandrakeSoft to Warrant Holders: Show Us the Money (2002-08-22 16:00:05)
    "MandrakeSoft is giving investors a little more time to participate in its initiative to increase capital, mostly because those who have committed to buy outstanding warrants haven't paid up yet..."

  • Linux Orbit: Debian Package Management HOWTO Version 1.0 (2002-08-22 11:00:35)
    Linux Orbit contributor Andrew Casey (a.k.a. Drewbian) continues his series of helpful Debian HOWTOs with this article.

  • EETimes: IBM's $2.5B Fab Turns Hudson into Silicon Valley (2002-08-22 09:00:26)
    The Linux connection: "'This is the first fab whose IT infrastructure is all Linux-based, controlled by some 1,700 1-GHz microprocessors able to access some 600 terabytes of data...'"

  • OpenEnterpriseTrends: Will Apache 3.0 Sport Asynchronous I/O? (2002-08-22 02:00:00)
    "With Apache 2.0 four months past its stable release, developers are beginning to brainstorm the next steps for Apache--including drafting up a 'wish list' for Apache 3.0 features, and mapping out a timeline for the release of upgraded features..."