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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 13, 2002

  • Linux and Main: Cringely to GPL "Nerd TV" (2002-09-13 20:30:11)
    "Robert X. Cringely, the columnist, author, and broadcaster focusing on computing, will soon begin Web distribution of a downloadable audio/video show, and has announced that it will be published under the terms of the GNU General Public License..."

  • MLUG.CA: The Linux Paradigm Shift--From PC to Network (2002-09-13 13:00:20)
    "Internet capability is one thing while internal LANs are another. But the philosophy of the Internet is spilling into the LAN as well. And increasingly, Open Source and Linux is finding a place here too..."

  • developerWorks: Securing Dynamic Web Content (2002-09-13 11:00:21)
    "This article details how to secure dynamic content on an Apache Web server. Topics covered include general security issues pertaining to dynamic content, securing Server Side Includes, configuring Apache's Common Gateway Interface, and wrappering dynamic content. The article is targeted primarily at Webmasters and system administrators responsible for maintaining and securing a Web server; however, anyone with a need or desire to server dynamic content will benefit from the topics covered. A basic understanding of Linux commands, permissions, and file structures is assumed..."

  • AP: Book Club Encourages Read-And-Release (2002-09-13 09:00:57)
    This story is not as big a departure from our regular fare as you might imagine, for it tells of an Internet-based book club that has (perhaps unknowingly) adopted many of the philosphies of open source.

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #59 (2002-09-13 07:00:44)
    This Week's Summary: 9.0 RC2 is Released; Updated Mandrake Systems at WalMart.com; More Discounts for MandrakeClub Members; Mandrake in the News; Business Case of the Week; more.