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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 12, 2003

  • NewsForge: Microsoft to Open Source: You Guys are Hypocrites! (2003-02-12 22:00:16)
    Tony Stanco responds to recent criticisms on inviting Microsoft to speak at the upcoming Open Source in Government Conference.

  • Computerworld: Sun Stands Aside in Rush to Linux (2003-02-12 19:00:46)
    "'They just don't get it. That's all right, they haven't for 21 years,' McNealy said. 'Right now, HP and IBM are reading the analyst reports and saying Linux is going to happen and they're abandoning their Unix customers...'"

  • CNET News: Government Tips Hat to Red Hat (2003-02-12 14:30:49)
    "Red Hat's high-end version of Linux has received a certification that clears the way for broader use of the operating system in [the US] government..."

  • Mandrake Linux Advisory: postgresql (2003-02-12 12:41:51)
    "These vulnerabilities are buffer overflows in the rpad(), lpad(), repeat(), and cash_words() functions..."

  • Community: The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003 (2003-02-12 10:00:03)
    A US-based survey that complements last year's European FLOSS survey has been created. Announcement blurb, links within.

  • OSOpinion.com: Linux' New Worst Enemy (2003-02-12 08:30:25)
    "Since companies rarely retain lawyers of David Boies' caliber for 'research,' you can probably expect that SCO plans to sue somebody--the question is, who...?"

  • eWeek: Revisions Extend Linux's Reach (2003-02-12 07:00:01)
    "Although eWeek Labs found the SuSE product makes a strong case for desktop Linux, a substantial amount of work remains to be done--particularly in general fit and finish and key missing functionality, such as VPN (virtual private network) support—before Linux Office Desktop can claim parity with Windows-based systems..."

  • Linux Orbit Professional: Configuring Samba as a Windows NT Primary Domain Controller (2003-02-12 04:00:25)
    "By building into Samba 2.2.x the capacity for a GNU/Linux server to function as a Microsoft Windows NT Primary Domain Controller (PDC), the Samba developers have pushed GNU/Linux into direct competition with Windows NT/2000..."

  • NewsForge: Open Source in Mexico - Part One (2003-02-12 01:00:12)
    "I spent most of last week attending CONSOL 2003 in Mexico City. It was a lovely conference, heavy on technical and advocacy discussion and light on marketing hype. It reminded me of U.S. Linux gatherings back in 1997 and 1998..."