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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 13, 2003

  • Toronto Globe & Mail: Case for Linux is a Cultural One--Thus Far (2003-02-13 22:00:15)
    "One doesn't think of Microsoft as a cultural force, yet the behemoth has figured in two major cultural clashes. The first pitted Macintosh against Windows loyalists; the second is a confrontation between Linux and Windows supporters. The first was limited to individuals; the second is being played out primarily in corporate life..."

  • CNET News: Linux to Power Most Motorola phones (2003-02-13 14:30:49)
    "'We think we'll move millions of units' of cell phones running Linux, Durschlag said. 'I think you'll see it take over the majority of our portfolio going forward,' including lower-end phones..."

  • InfoWorld: Has SCO Fired Volley to Start Linux Legal War? (2003-02-13 11:30:49)
    More input on the SCOsource hullaballoo. This one includes comments from Eric Raymond, Nat Friedman, and Bradley Kuhn.

  • Linux Journal: Free- and Open-Source Software in Trinidad and Tobago (2003-02-13 08:30:40)
    "There are businesses here other than tourism; there are people with jobs outside the tourism trade, and they do not always smile at cameras. There are people within the private sector that strive to increase the quality of life in Trinidad and Tobago for the people of Trinidad and Tobago..."

  • CrossNodes: SuSE OpenExchange: More Than a Mere Mail Server (2003-02-13 02:30:16)
    "SOHO users have had few solid choices as well. Time & Chaos's inexpensive price tag and ease of use have earned it a faithful following on small peer networks comprised of Windows PCs. More prevalent have been 'outsourcing' services, or Web-based subscription services, where users' data are stored on the vendor's servers and accessed via the Internet..."