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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 25, 2003

  • CNET News: Open-Source Audio Wins MP3 Player Support (2003-02-25 15:00:31)
    "This means Linux interoperability for a portable player that's supported by the manufacturer, not an after-market hack supported by some guy in Johannesburg with a dial-up connection and a copy of Emacs,' [Emmett] Plant said in a letter posted on the Ogg Vorbis Web site..."

  • The Salt Lake Tribune: Linux Could Become Inexpensive Alternative to Proprietary Systems (2003-02-25 13:00:34)
    "Russell Weeks, a member of the math department at Logan High School, has removed the traditional operating system from his computer programming lab and replaced it with a free Linux-based program..."

  • Tonight Live: The Day They Stole the Internet plus Lycoris Desktop Linux (2003-02-25 12:45:08)
    "The Day They Stole the Internet possibly the most significant technology news of the year so far, the FCC over turns the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Also a review of the new Mozilla beta (finally with spam screening), News from The Desktop Linux Conference, and a harsh warning for Microsoft..."

  • Tectonic: Africa Prepares for Open Source Launch in Geneva (2003-02-25 02:30:49)
    "Africa will today take centre stage in Geneva with the planned launch of an organisation aimed at promoting the use of open source software throughout the continent..."

  • Linux Journal: India Gets Its First Linux Publication (2003-02-25 01:00:31)
    "India's first Linux magazine recently hit the stands, and free software enthusiasts are looking to the Delhi-published magazine to help build interest in non-proprietary software in a country that likes to call itself a (potential) software superpower..."