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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 01, 2003

  • LinuxWorld: How to Install Neverwinter Nights on Linux (2003-04-01 22:00:12)
    "Tricks, tips and techniques for installing one of the greatest timesinks ever invented on Linux. Hurry, Lady Aribeth has a secret mission, and you need to find and recover the Waterdhavian creatures!"

  • LWN.net: SOT Initiates Linux Licence Renewal (2003-04-01 19:59:01)
    "Today, for the first time, Linux user licenses will expire and require renewal..." :)

  • LinuxPlanet: Red Hat 9 Offers Continuity, Transparency for Users (2003-04-01 19:00:12)
    "The latest version of Red Hat 9 (due for general release next week) offers a very stable and user-friendly platform suitable for home, corporate, and power users alike. How does one platform suit so many needs? Because for all the fancy trims and trapping, it's still Linux inside. Brian Proffitt spent last week using Red Hat 9 and files this review..."

  • Nvidia: New Nvidia Drivers for Linux Released (2003-04-01 18:00:12)
    Nvidia has released new versions of its Linux driver series.

  • oscast: Judge Kotelly Admits Error, Will Create New Ruling with Judge Jackson (2003-04-01 16:59:20)
    "U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who oversaw the settlement between Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice, issued a formal statement to the public and press earlier today, stating that the acceptance of the MS/DOJ settlement was a ruling made with extreme error..." :)

  • VNUNet: Microsoft Opens DOOrS to Linux Emulator (2003-04-01 14:59:09)
    "Microsoft has thrown in the towel and gone back to its very dark and distant roots in the Unix world with a surprise announcement today that it is working on a Linux emulator for Windows..." :) Story removed from VNUnet.- ed.

  • CNET News: SCO Warns of IBM Lawsuit Risks (2003-04-01 14:00:00)
    "SCO Group warned in a regulatory filing that its billion-dollar lawsuit alleging that IBM misappropriated trade secrets will be costly and could alienate others in the computing industry..."

  • Asahi.com: Japan Seeks New OS for Net Appliances (2003-04-01 08:30:18)
    "In working out the standards they plan to adopt for networked appliances by 2007, manufacturers and the industry ministry plan to make use of either Linux or the domestically developed TRON operating system..."