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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 10, 2003

  • LinuxWorld: No Complaints Here: Linux Gaming is Gaining Steam (2003-04-10 23:30:33)
    "I've been hanging around all the gaming channels I can find on irc.freenode.net over the past week or so, trying to learn more about the Linux gaming scene. There are more top-quality games available today than ever before, and the pipeline is filled with more jewels to come..."

  • Kennebec Journal [Maine]: Vassalboro School Embraces 'Revolutionary' Computer System (2003-04-10 22:00:36)
    "David N. Trask, technology director at Vassalboro Community School, calls it a quiet revolution and one that already is saving his school about $5,000 a year..."

  • Linux Journal: Rolling Your Own Firewall (2003-04-10 13:00:44)
    "How to use Pebble, a Debian-lite distribution, to get your homemade firewall up and running..."

  • oscast: Where Are the Zeroconf IM Clients? (2003-04-10 10:00:57)
    "One, an open source solution named Jabber, which required that users sign-on to their network of *external* users (Apparently my desired 'Rend-conf*' technology was an afterthought-add-on rather than the dedicated feature that it needed to be...)"

  • OSNews: The Quest for the 'Perfect' Linux System (2003-04-10 08:30:00)
    "My goals are lofty: To try and find the ideal OS for my own personal usage, which will allow me to work the way I want to, while not shorting me when it comes down to the tools and features that I need in order to 'get the job done,' no matter what that job might be..."

  • ServerWatch: Enabling WebDAV on Apache (2003-04-10 07:00:49)
    "In order to simplify the way you update websites, WebDAV was invented. Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) uses extensions to the existing HTTP protocol to enable multiple users to manage and modify the files in a remote system..."

  • OSNews: Interview with Fink's Project Leader Max Horn (2003-04-10 01:00:53)
    "Today, we host a mini-interview with Fink's project leader, Max Horn. The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X..."