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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 15, 2003

  • LinuxWorld: How to Install Another Hard Drive (2003-04-15 23:00:12)
    "Here are the basic steps to adding 120 gigabytes of storage to your Intel-compatible Linux computer. It's easy: Find out if you can even add a drive to your system, install it, and fiddle with fdisk..."

  • NewsForge: Affirmative Action for Open Source (2003-04-15 22:00:59)
    "I'm a little wary of provisions that force written justification when purchasing one particular category of software over another. That seems like unnecessary bureaucratic red tape if we presume that our public employees are trying to do the best possible job..."

  • Tonight Live: Pay Taxes and then we die Plus The care and feeding of an Open Source Community (2003-04-15 21:00:54)
    "Tonight the news includes some thoughts on: TAXES, how the Open Source community can help in the process of a post war invironment, in search of Linux Laptops, the Centrino flap, and way more..."

  • OfB.biz: PartitionExpert: Your Very Own Partition Techie (2003-04-15 07:00:07)
    "As I walked toward the hardware section, a software package caught my eye that I hadn't heard of before: 'Acronis PartitionExpert.' Realizing the need for a good partitioning tool in many environments that use GNU/Linux, I made a mental note to contact Acronis when I got back to the office..."

  • OSNews: Success with Linux on the Home Desktop (2003-04-15 02:30:10)
    "This is the experience of someone who tried using Linux for the first time (most Linux veterans will probably find nothing surprising here). The whole experience reminded me of all the fun I used to have playing with Windows 3.1. Although it was not easy, it does show that a novice can make Linux work with a little persistence..."

  • Linux and Main: Olden Days (2003-04-15 01:00:20)
    "Is it the same kind of mistrust that leads some of us to think that computer use ought to require some knowledge, that there is danger in making everything too easy? That's a tough one..."