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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 16, 2003

  • ITBusiness.ca: The Debate: Open Source (2003-04-16 16:00:05)
    On one side, "Bob Kramer, vice-president for public policy at CompTIA and executive director of the Initiative for Software Choice." On the other, "Bruce Perens, open source pioneer and former Linux advocate at HP." Each side looks at the role of open source in government.

  • OSNews: Debunking Some Myths About Graphical Installers (2003-04-16 09:00:44)
    "I can't take anymore comments like 'Debian/Gentoo/OpenBSD/etc. are not good/user-friendly because they lack a graphical installer.' Searching the web, I couldn't find a comprehensive site describing the good and the bad about graphical installers for various OSes throughout the years, so in this article I hope to debunk a few of the myths on the basis of my own personal and professional experience..."

  • SD Times: eCos 2.0 Breaks Out of Red Hat Red Tape (2003-04-16 04:00:33)
    "Free of the shackles imposed by Red Hat Inc., maintainers of the open-source eCos real-time operating system said in mid-March that version 2.0, now in beta, could be generally available around April 15..."

  • Linux Magazine: Microsoft's Power Play (2003-04-16 02:30:07)
    "Will Trusted Computing mean the end the PC as we know it?"

  • eWeek: Linux Casts Shadow Over Sun (2003-04-16 01:00:59)
    "Sun's adventures with Linux say a lot about what's really important to the future of operating systems and of IT infrastructure in general..."