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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 17, 2003

  • OSNews: Why Linux is Not for You: The Lengthy Rebuttal of a Linux User (2003-04-17 23:30:31)
    "And most importantly, I'm not someone who is going to try and convince you that you need to switch to Linux if you're currently using Windows. Let me go one step further... I'm going to tell you why Linux is NOT for you. Hopefully the people I'm talking to will be seeing clearly enough to know who they are by the end of this article..."

  • Wired: Building a Bigger Search Engine (2003-04-17 20:30:16)
    "Web-search company LookSmart has ambitious plans to do for Web searching what SETI@Home did for the hunt for E.T..."

  • LinuxWorld: Interview: MySQL Rides Open Source Wave into DBs (2003-04-17 19:00:29)
    "Marten Mickos, MySQL's chief executive officer, sat down with IDG News Service for an interview at the company's first user show last week in San Jose, California. He talked about how businesses can use MySQL, its competitors, and why the Nordic region might be a cradle for open-source products..."

  • NE Asia Online: Microsoft Sets Up Office to Promote Open Source Campaign for Windows OS (2003-04-17 16:00:12)
    "Microsoft Co, Ltd said it opened on April 10 an office [in Tokyo] to promote Shared Source Initiative..."

  • TransGaming: WineX 3.0 is Here (2003-04-17 14:30:14)
    "We are pleased to announce that our users will be able to enjoy playing BF1942, SimCity 4, EverQuest and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault among the new titles WineX 3.0 supports..."

  • Linux Journal: Necessary Censorship: Web Filtering with Open Source (2003-04-17 13:00:17)
    "In some cases and for some audiences, relying on the human safeguard isn't facing reality. Here are some tools you can use in those cases..."

  • 802.11 Planet: Wireless VPN Supports Linux (2003-04-17 11:30:33)
    "Secure wireless software developer Columbitech of Stockholm and New York, whose wireless VPN technology powers Symbol's AirBEAM brand of products, is supporting Linux servers in its latest version..."

  • CNET News: MontaVista Wins Panasonic Linux Deal (2003-04-17 10:00:29)
    "Panasonic has selected MontaVista Software to provide the operating system for its new Broadnow Internet-enabled television set-top box..."

  • OSNews: Total Computer Newbies Meet Debian: Part 2 - First Steps (2003-04-17 08:30:11)
    "In the previous article, our computer newbie family, Mike, Diane, Mary and Carla, had decided they wanted GNU/Linux installed on the new family/business computer. Debian, via Libranet 2.0, was installed on the system, with appropriate business/office software, as well as the Gnome desktop environment. The next steps involved getting the system configured for easy use and adding various minor tweaks..."

  • CrossNodes: Tame Your Wild Config Herds With CVS (2003-04-17 07:00:37)
    "The wise sysadmin keeps backup copies of everything--you never know when you're going to want to roll back to that script you wrote a year ago. One way is to simply keep copies of everything. CVS (concurrent version system) saves considerable storage space by recording and tracking only changes, and it never forgets anything..."

  • Phatvibez.net: Why Mandrake 9.1 Makes Me Laugh (2003-04-17 04:00:14)
    "Somewhere along the way Mandrake faltered. Be it the fault of a management team that tried to spread it's roots into eLearning, not adapting to the market fast enough, or lacking a clear focus Mandrake has fallen into disarray..." [Link is back up. -ed.]

  • CNET News: Upstarts: Evolution Creates Second Wave (2003-04-17 02:30:31)
    CNET News' series on the tenth anniversary of Mosaic continues with a look at the new wave of browsers, many of them open source, that have cropped up recently.