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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 22, 2003

  • Tonight Live: The Battle Rages On, Plus JBoss on The Linux Show (2003-04-22 23:00:00)
    "Tonight on the news: follow up to: the Battle over Open Source, more 'in search of Linux Laptops,' DARPA, and way more..."

  • mwvlug.org: HB 2892: A Bill That Just Won't Go Away (2003-04-22 22:00:59)
    "Guess what? Thanks to all of you who have written and called, this bill has not gone away. I thank each of you who have taken the time to write or call your Representative or Senator in support of HB 2892..."

  • DesktopLinux.com: Review: Photoshop Under Linux (2003-04-22 20:00:26)
    "DesktopLinux.com previews... CrossOver Office 2.0 [Release Candidate 1] from CodeWeavers that introduces support for Adobe Photoshop, among other featured enhancements. Embedded Linux support engineer, and former Adobe test engineer, Cal Erickson gives the new release extensive testing..."

  • OSAFoundation.org: Chandler 0.1 Available Immediately (2003-04-22 16:00:53)
    Mitch Kapor's new PIM software is alpha released: "While we're still very early in the design and implementation process, we intend for this 0.1 release to make us a more fully open project..."

  • CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver Office 2.0 (2003-04-22 14:30:05)
    CrossOver Office Version 2.0 is out, bringing the capability to run (most of) Office XP, Photoshop 7, and MS Access to Linux desktops, as well as double-byte language support.

  • LinuxHardware.org: Gaming and Linux in 2003 (2003-04-22 13:00:32)
    "However, in recent days, Linux users have been getting more titles than one would think, and many more are on the horizon for later this year. Which games will be coming out? Who is releasing them? Is this the start of something big...?"

  • osOpinion: Legislating Open Source (2003-04-22 11:30:23)
    "One of the biggest obstacles to deployment of open source is sheer inertia: One reason that a government agency might choose not to deploy it is simple laziness on the part of its IT professionals and decision makers..."

  • Tux Reports: Interview with Eagle Linux (2003-04-22 10:00:28)
    "Mike Angelo took a few moments out of his hectic schedule to answer a few of our questions about Eagle Linux..."

  • SEUL.org: Linux in Education Report #94 (2003-04-22 05:00:40)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the SEUL/edu Project.

  • LinuxWorld: Time for a New Installation Paradigm, Parts 1 and 2 (2003-04-22 04:30:26)
    "In Part 1, [Petreley] examined many (though not all) of the problems with the current approaches to software-installation. This time, we take a closer look at the technological considerations behind one of the biggest issues for software-installation: shared libraries..."

  • Slackware: Myths and Cliches (2003-04-22 02:30:10)
    A Russian physicist debunks seven "myths" about Slackware, from a newbie's point of view.

  • OfB.biz: ATI To Support XFree86 4.3 Soon (2003-04-22 01:00:49)
    "With that reputation and ATI's recent offering of its first proprietary GNU/Linux drivers, we were interested to see if a follow-up driver was in store to provide compatibility with XFree86 4.3, which was released earlier this year..."