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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 29, 2003

  • Tonight Live: Small Victories and Why We May Fail on The Linux Show (2003-04-29 22:00:37)
    "Tonight on the news: Judge: File-swapping tools are legal, Balmer: Linux? What Me Worry?, follow up to: "in search of Linux Laptops", DARPA Cancels Project funding, The Internet makes for strange bed fellows (will disney save us), and way way more..."

  • OSNews: SuSE 8.2 Pro Vs Red Hat Linux 9 in Desktop Usage (2003-04-29 19:00:12)
    "This is a desktop comparison of Red Hat Linux 9 and SuSE 8.2 Professional Edition. We have used Red Hat Linux 8 for all our work since last fall, and installed version 9 as soon as it became available. However, we have not been fully content with Red Hat, so we gave SuSE 8.2 a try when it became available this month..."

  • CIN: Mitsubishi's Latest Creation: A Linux-Powered Robot (2003-04-29 12:00:34)
    "Mitsubishi's new Linux-based robot walks, talks, and goes online. For a mere $14,250, you can take it home with you..."

  • DesktopLinux.com: Textmaker for Linux Reviewed (2003-04-29 08:00:53)
    "SoftMaker is just a week or so away from the official release of the first component in their Office Suite, the word processor, TextMaker for Linux. DesktopLinux.com reviews their latest beta release to determine how the product performs in real world use..."

  • ZDNet UK: Linux PDA Has Wi-Fi, Camera and Phone (2003-04-29 07:00:17)
    "Japanese firm PalmNet will soon launch a Linux-based PDA with built in mobile phone, digital camera and WLAN card..."

  • BargainPDA: Review: Jack the Uni-Psychle for Linux (2003-04-29 06:00:49)
    "Jack the Uni-Psychle is the first release from Discord Studios. It is a sideways scrolling platform game in the style of such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario series, with cool music and rapid game play..."

  • ZDNet Australia: Get Apache 2 and PHP 4 Working Together in Windows (2003-04-29 04:00:34)
    "Installing Apache and PHP on Windows isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be a process of trial and error. Learn the tricks you'll need to get started with our guide..."

  • Mandrake.Tips: Successfully Making the Transition to GNU/Linux (2003-04-29 02:00:03)
    "If, after a lot of trouble with a setup that in the end only works partially--and that in an unexpected or undesired way--people turn away from GNU/linux, this is fully understandable..."

  • Stuff.NZ: Consider Open Source--SSC (2003-04-29 01:00:53)
    "State Services Commissioner Michael Wintringham has written to the heads of all government agencies, encouraging them to assess open source options when buying software..."