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Infrastructure Linux News for May 15, 2003

  • ZDNet UK: Who Stole SCO's Lollipop? (2003-05-15 23:00:27)
    "Is SCO's decision to send in the lawyers a valid business decision or a petulant reprisal at the playground bully? At best, the company appears to have the same grasp of reality as the former Iraqi information minister..."

  • VNUnet: SCO Attacked on All Sides (2003-05-15 20:00:28)
    "Users, analysts, resellers and rival vendors have blasted SCO after the vendor suspended its Linux distribution pending the resolution of the intellectual property issues surrounding the operating system..." More reactions from the Linux business and user communities.

  • ZDNet UK: Meta: It's OK to Use Linux (2003-05-15 19:00:05)
    "Despite SCO's warning to businesses that their use of the open-source operating system may make them liable for breach of copyright, Meta Group is more positive..."

  • NetworkWorldFusion: EU Mulls Report of Microsoft Antitrust Pricing (2003-05-15 18:00:26)
    "The European Commission is considering whether to order Microsoft to hand over internal memos revealed in the International Herald Tribune and New York Times that describe sales practices the European regulator suspects may break its antitrust rules..."

  • ZDNet UK: SuSE: SCO's Anti-Linux Attacks are 'Curious' (2003-05-15 16:00:46)
    "SuSE says it will continue supporting the UnitedLinux code base despite SCO's attacks on Linux's legal legitimacy, as Red Hat and MandrakeSoft say they are not yet concerned..."

  • San Jose Mercury News: Microsoft Exec Took Aim at Linux Worldwide, Memo Reveals (2003-05-15 14:30:44)
    "The memo specifically mentioned Linux, a still small but emerging software competitor that is not owned by any specific company. 'Under NO circumstances lose against Linux,' Ayala wrote..." [This story also appeared in the New York Times under the heading "How Microsoft Warded Off Rival." -ed.]

  • Linux Journal: Run, RabbIT, Run: Making 56k Go Fast (2003-05-15 11:30:31)
    "As those of you who have been following me and my articles here know, I'm stuck on a 56k dial-up. So when something called RabbIT crossed Freshmeat, I had to check it out. Rabbit is a caching, compressing web proxy written in Java..."

  • LinuxHardware.org: AMD Brings 400MHz FSB To The Table (2003-05-15 10:00:55)
    "It's been just about a month since Intel went to 200MHz DDR memory with their 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors. Today, AMD steps up to the plate with their 200MHz DDR processor with a 400MHz FSB..."

  • Linux Productivity Magazine: IPTables (2003-05-15 08:30:17)
    "Modern Linux distributions use a program called IPTables for firewalling. Daunting at first, IPTables becomes logical with a little explanation and a little experience. That's where this issue of Linux Productivity Magazine comes in..."

  • Update: SCO Suspends Distribution of Linux Pending Intellectual Property Clarification (2003-05-15 06:02:26)
    Breaking news: "SCO suspends sales of Linux, alerts customers that Linux is an unauthorized derivative of UNIX and that legal liability may extend to commercial users..." Press release within, SCO's letter to commercial Linux users within.

  • NewsForge: Open Source Travels Bumpy Road at NIMA (2003-05-15 01:00:56)
    "After years of research, managers at the military-backed National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) have concluded that open source development styles may be a bit too, uh, creative for traditional government work..."